Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't cry over spilled milk...

...unless it is breast milk.
...and 15oz to boot.

What better way to christen (my kitchen sink) the occasion of Felix's 9 month "birthday" than with 15 oz of spoiled breast milk?

Eric kindly finished making Miles's lunch last night, but left the entire lunch box full of breast milk and perishable lunch treats to stand guard over our kitchen, staving off any intruders who might want to take a stab at our dirty dishes, or sweep our floor.

Almost 12 hours on the counter, I couldn't justify sending the bottles in to school. So, I opened each bottle, and poured 5 oz a piece down the drain. I was too furious to cry. The worst was when I had to painstakingly scrape out the "cream" (i.e. fatty deliciousness that makes Felix so healthy and chubb-able) with a kiddie spoon so I could quickly rinse and re-use the bottles. Insult to injury.

 And then I had to go lightning speed and crack into the freezer stash to defrost before we all had to leave before work and school.

I've spilled 6oz on my keyboard at work, but 15oz was like...heart wrenching.

And on the heels of the notorious 9 month supply drop (which I think I started experiencing 3 weeks ago).

I'm fortunate to have a moderate supply in my freezer, but not sure I can make up those 15oz at this point.

Good thing Eric looked cute in his bow tie this morning...and that he finally apologized while dragging the kids out the door as I finished the milk funeral procession.


  1. Honestly- I am so sorry to read of your account of the "spilled milk" (totally worth crying over). I wish I was there to wash your dishes and floors for you (perhaps do a few loads of laundry at the same time...), knowing even that wouldn't make up for the precious white loss. Honey, just do the best you can going forward. Felix should be fine, and I will hope you can make up the loss as time goes on. Happy 9 month birthday to Felix! In my experience, they just keep becoming more and more delightful by that age!

  2. I saw Eric this morning. He told me. I scolded him accordingly. I told him I knew that he had already heard it, but I know how hard you worked for that milk--I have been there. I couldn't let it go.

  3. GASP... oh NO! I am so so sorry. After seeing you carry around the lunch bag on your business trip to CA AND after pumping with a stomach flu, I know how important your supply is.