Monday, October 11, 2010

He crawls!

Finally.  Sit 'n reach just wasn't cutting it anymore. What was the secret?

Hair, of course. These ARE my children. Utterly obsessed with hair.

Miles's hair to Felix? Like a carrot to a donkey...

(Excuse the poor, lengthy cell phone video footage. You may need some dramamine to view.) 


  1. Oh my gosh! Grandpa and I laughed and laughed at the sight of Miles first "helping" Felix and then being used as bait to get him to crawl! What a riot! Nothing is safe now! Congratulations to all!

  2. Ha ha! This is so funny! Miles is such a great big bro. YAY Felix! We are all definitely in big trouble now!!!

  3. That was so exciting! I'm sitting here at work both illegaly reading and commenting on your blog and I found myself (audibly) rooting for him. Way to go Felix!

  4. That is hilarious - crawling - fun for the whole family!

  5. YAY, Felix! How funny!!
    Juju is not crawling yet but also enjoys hair... Maybe I will employ this technique with the help of my 3-yr-old! ;)