Sunday, October 17, 2010

Strike Be Gone!

From Mid-October 2010
I think God was on his lactation arbiter rotation. After some serious negotiation, "a come to Jesus meeting" (or four) between Felix and my breasts (Yup. I went there.), we are back in business.

Eric relied on the inherited 6th sense from his mother to promise me that Felix would nurse starting Saturday. He left for his all day XC meet at 5:30am with some infectious confidence. If he was wrong, I was going to have to pump and single parent all day.

But apparently his 6th sense was right. That, or he moonlights as a lactation consultant. You know, he'd be pretty good at this point.

In total, the strike was almost 48 hours. It was awful. You think you know, but unless you have been a victim of a strike, you have no idea. Frustration. Engorgement. Disappointment. Fear. Sadness.

Eric is not convinced it was that single knee jerk reaction to Felix channeling Mike Tyson that one night. But it was. He wasn't there to see a 9 month old cry and pull away like someone just kicked him in the knees, called him a wuss, told him his teeth aren't straight, and then made fun of his mother. (Though, she deserves it some days.) And I've read enough anecdotal "evidence" from La Leche League, breast feeding list serves,, and friends' personal stories to feel confident that I truly scared him. Skinner's conditioning.

Remember. I'm a Google doctor. And that trumps Eric's lactation consultancy.

Now I can resume the normal chaos of our lives.

And start spelling "lose" correctly (previous post's grammar gaffe).
And start properly using possessives/apostrophes (ditto).

And continue to revel in life as innocently as these two boys.
From Mid-October 2010
(This picture reminds me so much of me as a baby--and of my oldest brother)
From Mid-October 2010
(Yup. It's not just a rumor. Miles DOES have top teeth. Still working on our cheese face.)

And in total non sequitor, I promised some family I would post a picture of our growing "picture wall." There was no way I could get a direct shot without capturing the table light. There is still some real estate available. To be filled in the coming years...
From Mid-October 2010


  1. Yahoo! Adorable Seth/Alison/Felix is back to nursing! The picture wall is looking great as are the smiles on our 2 cutest grandsons!