Sunday, November 28, 2010


How insanely thankful we are this year...even with a house full of wild, crazy, and sometimes ill-mannered boys! (How do 2.5 year olds know the "see food" trick?)
From Thanksgiving 2011
From Thanksgiving 2011
From Thanksgiving 2011
What would a blog be without the obligatory Turkey Day post?

Last Thanksgiving I spent the morning: nursing Miles for what I had no idea would be the last time at 5am because it stirred my uterus up so much we made our second impromptu trip to the hospital with preterm labor en route to Eric's marathon start. Macy's T-day parade while on monitors, cranberry Cliff bars for lunch, and a patient 18 month old stuck in an L&D triage room wasn't exactly in my vision for the holiday.  Luckily, we actually ended up having a lovely Thanksgiving meal later in the night while I was on indefinite bedrest with our Atlanta "family" the D family. 

And this year, I have THREE healthy boys, and got to spend another Thanksgiving with the D family. All healthy and happy. Our meal was delicious, and just spending a relaxing evening with all of our kids as one big "family" was exactly how I envision a perfect Thanksgiving.
From Thanksgiving 2011
From Thanksgiving 2011

It's been a great break...(okay, minus our camera breaking. Hope you all like reading my verbally pithy blog posts. I might not have visual entertainment until we figure out our camera situation.)
From Thanksgiving 2011
From Thanksgiving 2011
From Thanksgiving 2011

From Thanksgiving 2011
Full album here

Thursday, November 18, 2010


In preparation for Thanksgiving, Miles has been practicing his prayer hands. He says grace before they eat at school, and we TRY to do it at home as much as possible, with the level of dinner mania determining its occurrence.

You'll notice he gets the whole prayer, in "Milesese", the first time, and the second time (after chiding me for preparing to say it with him again), does some major abbreviation and skips the second line. And then I was slow on the uptake to remember that "this one!" with hands in prayer form meant, "Mom! Do Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple...See all the People!" (Or in Milesese, "here is the church, here is the teeteep, open the doors and see all the peepees") And then he ends looking up to God saying "Peepees...guys...train." Not sure what he was getting at there...

And to close, Mommy abuse (ie, wedding reception material), forcing Miles to say words I think sound cute. He's been obsessed with pumpkin pie and apple pie--asking for it at home each day for the better portion of a month. Note to my readers: we have had no apple/pumpkin pie in this house in a year. Somehow, he's adopted a fascination...but the best is that it sounds so darn cute. And so does him realizing half way through me asking him to say "cheese" that he should pose.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What goes well with Wellies?

From Mid November 2010
No pants! Miles has insisted on wearing his boots recently...and doing laps around the house. In fact, one morning he went to school in boots and no jacket. It wasn't a battle worth fighting, and when we picked him up, he magically had on his other shoes. (Thank you childcare!) This is apparently our new "cheese" pose. (Don't mind Farmer Felix in the back, snacking on whatever week old crumbs have fallen.)
From Mid November 2010
You'll notice Daddy's Big Bear squatting on the Potty in Miles's room. We've hit an impasse with the potty, bath, and now bedtime.


Uh, no one warned me of this.

Miles is still allergic to the potty and every mention of it. We completely removed it from all conversation and the bathroom. And yet, he is telling us he is peeing and pooping in his diaper more. And requesting to be naked or in big boy underpants frequently. I am a little of him are showing signs of being ready, and then parts of him are just screaming "I'm terrified of the concept, don't even approach it."

I think the recent bath allergy is related. He doesn't want to go into the bath, which used to be a favorite part of the day. It's so curious. But he has started to freak out in the bath at random times, and then when we take him out, immediately pees.

See a trend?

And Eric and I have been so proud that we haven't made a big deal about the potty around him--we've been so chill. I've saved all worry, questioning, etc, for when he is not around.

It's not paying off. I don't mind that he is not ready, but I sense a complex. I just don't know what to do. I just fear he is going to have major pee and poop issues, and the stink eye from others will be directed at us--but I swear we are doing everything we are "supposed" to! Ah well.

And then last week, we started with night wakings. Seriously? For the past year, he has honestly been a "good" sleeper. It's relative people. Goes down like magic at 7:30pm--completely awake...sleeps all the way through. Just wakes up early--like 6:15am. And then, he woke up multiple times one night, and then the next. Of course, that's the one night Felix went from 7pm until 5am for the first and last time. We had a few nights of all the way through with Miles, but last night he was up again. Complaining his teeth hurt. 3 molars are almost half way through the gum--could it really be waking him up? So many times when he is cranky, he says his teeth hurt or his tummy hurts. And then tonight he cried until almost 8pm screaming for me when I put him down after singing a rousing rendition of Bushel and a Peck. 7:30pm and 8pm may not seem that different to some, but many parents will agree, 15 minute increments are like HUGE in the world of sleep.

Regression is always tough, but when it is related to sleep, it really hits home in my house. I have tolerated sleeplessness relatively well, until the past 2-3 months when in combination with work stress, I just dread night wakings. And when they are toddlers, they remember things like "oh, last night I cried at bedtime, I should do it again tonight." So even if the insult is removed (say, teeth pain), he gets in the habit of fussing at night. I kind of wish he still nursed...or that he had some interest in jumping into a family bed and we could all just go back to sleep. At least with Felix, I just hop into the second bed with him, nurse while "resting," plop him back down, and go back to sleep. Now with Miles we have to go in, rub his back, sit in the chair, and tell him to lie down over and over.

This too shall's just a hard way to approach a Monday.

Good thing they are cute!

Boy Sammie!
From Mid November 2010
From Mid November 2010
From Mid November 2010
From Mid November 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Roe v Wade, the toddler version

Here is your preparatory reading: This morning one of my friends posted on Facebook that the Duggar Family was making an announcement on the Today Show. That is the family whose mother has been pregnant for like 70% of her life and boasts 19 and a half children or so at the age of like 45. (The last of her children was born in December at a little over 1lb and spent a good few months in the NICU. I was on bedrest during that time...and read a lot of trash magazines. Between her delivery, the one Kardashian girl, and an ex Playboy playmate, Kendra, I was "in" on all of the celebribabies born in December 2009). I'm not sure if the Duggar family qualify as "quiverfull," but I do know they subscribe to the belief that God will bless them with as many children as s/he wants them to have...and luckily, TLC is blessing them with a paycheck to support them. Let me stop there before I get heated. Anyway, apparently the announcement was not that the mom is pregnant again, but that one of their children is expecting a baby.

Fast forward to dinner tonight. And a situation that was immediately followed by Eric saying, "I sense a blog post." And me thinking,  "no kidding...but I may just lose a few more readers for recounting this one." But have I ever held back before??

Scene: Felix is slapping the table and giving himself a butternut squash facial. Miles is training to be the next Takeru Kobayashi and shoveling an entire toasted cheese in his mouth.The boys seemed occupied, so I thought I would actually have an adult conversation with the Hubs. And by adult, I mean sharing Facebook news.

Ali: Guess what? That Duggar Family made an announcement on the Today Show this morning.

Eric: Don't tell me that the Mom is pregnant again! Or did she do something crazy and announce she had an abortion?

Pause--abortion isn't something to joke about. Okay, resume. 

Ali: Yeah, like she would go on TV and say (Ali affects a little girl voice) "I am so happy to announce after 19 children, I had an abortion."

And happened.

Miles: (in his best little girl voice) "I had an abortion!"

Ali, Eric: WHAT?!?!?!

Miles: "I had an abortion." Mommy's turn! (As in, Mommy's turn to say it again)

Ali looked at Eric, and Eric looked at Ali, and we could do nothing but laugh. Again, not in the "oh, you are such a cute boy, Miles!" But in the "are you kidding me? Did he really just say that?"

The problem with laughter and toddlers is that it provokes them. And the problem with the word abortion is that it does not contain any of the syllables that Miles has a hard time we couldn't even pretend he said something completely different.

He said it one more time, looking for a reaction, and after Eric remarked that I had a blog post in the making, we immediately diverted the conversation and attention to Felix.

Looks like along with spelling c-o-o-k-i-e and i-c-e- c-r-e-a-m. We now need to spell a-b-o-r-t-i-o-n. Luckily, we don't talk about it a lot. I knew we were at that stage where he hears, repeats, and is starting to understand almost everything, but this really drove the point home.

But then the night turned to a better page when Felix discovered one of life's great inventions, the consonant, and said, "Da Da." Now, he said "Da Da." And what he meant was "this is a vocalization I am presenting to you that has no meaning, but don't I sound cute?"

Although, he does look at Eric when we ask him who Daddy is...and at times does the same with Miles.

And when you ask him who Mommy is, he just slaps me in the face...or bites my deltoid.

As long as he doesn't start saying "abortion," I think we'll be okay.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Hot Rod"

That was the subject of the picture I just received from the childcare director.
From End of October 2010
Anyone have some empty real estate on a milk carton? I have seem to have lost my baby in exchange for a big boy!

This both warms my heart and breaks it at the same time. He's growing up too fast...


Maneuvers: A movement or series of moves requiring skill and care

That's sort of been the theme the past few days. Mad skills in this house, if I may say so:

In an effort to have Miles ingest something green before he turns 25, I've spent lots of time sneaking vegetables in his food. Yes, I have Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious cookbook, and am a slave to the Weelicious website. Yes, we call broccoli "trees" and make "oohs" and "ahhs" as we eat veggies, and even compliment Felix as he eats his in hopes of some peer pressure. And we always give him a serving. I'm pretty good with shaving zuccini and putting it in bread as well as pasta sauce. But right now, that's the extent. The other night, I threw some organic sweet peas in homemade mac n cheese, and hoped for the best. Miles took a huge bite, and then next thing I know, he had extracted the individual peas and spit them out on his plate. I had to give the kid credit. And then was tempted to find a cherry stem for him to knot in his mouth.

Felix is consistently standing up in his crib. Sometimes, multiple times a night. I can tell the difference between a lying down cry, and a standing up cry, now. He's talented, but I'm exhausted. Felix is also standing up on anything that will (temporarily) support his weight. This includes his car seat. Have you ever tried manually "sitting" down a baby who doesn't want to sit? Impossible. There are some seriously strong muscles beneath his leg chub. I thought the few months of him hating his car seat as an infant was bad; but now he has started hating it again and not only "tells" us about it, but stiffens his body in such a way that it takes 5 minutes to get him in a sitting position. And another 5 minutes to get the straps buckled. And another 5 minutes to make sure Miles isn't in the front seat trying to drive my car.

As I have mentioned before, Felix can take out all of our outlet protectors. I need an outlet protector protector. That, or we need to consider going Amish and just swear off electricity and dry wall over all of the outlets. I'm getting desperate. 

I almost learned the Heimlich maneuver tonight. Felix more than gagged on a piece of pear tonight, foamed at the mouth, and Eric an I started panicking. He was gagging, burping, gulping, was awful. It was like 3 minutes of sheer terror. Miles just watched, and then after kept saying something about Bebix and his mouth. I think we were all a little shaken. 

The boys started sharing a bath this week. Getting them both in, holding the buoyant Felix down while Miles "swims like a fish" requires more skill than you know. They go CUH-RAZY in there. Screaming, splashing, flopping, hitting, throwing. (Are these my kids?). They have a blast, but the only word that comes to mind is "bonkers." Until our tub mat and faucet guard arrive from Amazon, I have to hold Felix's leg for the entire bath, while using my other hand to wash both boys. I cannot even explain how difficult it is to get the boys clean. They both came out of the tub with bubbles in their hair tonight. I'll get a video on it sometime-it's sheer insanity, and I end up completely soaked...

...which is a good thing, because then I cannot see how wet Miles's pee makes my pants. Tonight, Miles kept telling me he was peeing in the bath. So, when I got him out while I was drying Felix, I figured he could stand there in the buff without the threat of a sprinkle. Not the case. Immediately as I set him on the ground, he started to pee...straight on Felix's penis. I know, what are the chances? Again, this kid has skills. I said "UH OH!" Miles stopped peeing, looked at me, and then proceeded to pee all over my leg. Then he moved to the side of Felix while I was drying up all of the pee, and Felix decided to examine Miles's genitals. 

I almost considered throwing them back in the bath...and joining them.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010 in pictures

I have to say, my sneak of our Halloween pics had two of the best pictures of the boys in their costumes, but I still decided to throw up a handful, and link to the full album.

Halloween weekend was very busy. School parade, morning out with the boys at Emory's new bookshop, long naps, neighborhood party, time trial at Marist, shopping, baking, and then trick or treating.

This weekend is going to be even busier, so I am saving my energy and am relying on the pictures to carry you through this post.

Ready for the school parade!
This sushi wants to go back in the ocean.
From Halloween 2010
First lollipop! And who is that hairy beast holding Felix?
From Halloween 2010
Mom was in charge of the school's craft--we made spider webs!
From Halloween 2010
The Director of the ELC was smart and instead of candy, opted for organic fruit leather. He marched through the entire parade holding them.
From Halloween 2010
I know, I know. The 2nd obvious choice for Miles's costume besides "The Naked Chef" is Justin Bieber. His hair just screams tween rock star. And I put Miles up against Justin in the "I can get girls" competition any day. (Dad, do you know how to snap a jacket?) For the record, this is not a costume. Just Miles being stylish. And hey, if backward overalls, or one strapped overalls can be fashion, so can a miss-buttoned quilted jacket...with a cowlick.
From Halloween 2010
From Halloween 2010

Who is SHE??
From Halloween 2010
And now, I bring to you Sushi-Chef wrestling. Staring, Felonious Chunk and Milosovich.
From Halloween 2010
From Halloween 2010
From Halloween 2010
From Halloween 2010
From Halloween 2010
From Halloween 2010
Miles spent the weekend wanting to be in big boy underwear...even though the potty is in semi-retirement, and he pees through each pair. He kept showing them to me like this.
From Halloween 2010
From Halloween 2010
Morning at Emory with Paul Bunyan, er, Daddy.
From Halloween 2010
From Halloween 2010

And here is the real trick...and a little shameful admission. I've let myself go. If anyone is one step away from needing a makeover, it is me. Case in point--see if you spot the common denominator.

Halloween 2009--26 weeks pregnant
From Halloween 2010
January 2010 -- 35 weeks pregnant. 2 days from delivery.
From Halloween 2010
January 5th -- 1 day post partum
From Halloween 2010
Halloween 2010
From Halloween 2010

$10 Target coveted purchase. I wore that shirt again this week. What's happened to me?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

You're Baby Can...Memorize!

"Mahna" just sent me an e-mail telling me about a spot on the Today show that highlighted this outrageously expensive "program" for babies/toddlers that claims to teach them how to read as young as pre-conception or some bologna. You shell out like 200 bucks, do flash cards with your kids, and sit them in front of CD after CD of words...and somehow you are setting them up on the fast track to MENSA. (Anyone else have a problem with hours of TV time for an infant?)

Utter hog wash.

I'm getting militant, readers. I may lose a few of you. Sorry.

Here is an excerpt from the show on if babies are really learning to read:

“No,” said Dr. Nonie Lesaux, a child development expert at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. “They memorize what’s on those cue cards … It’s not reading.”

“It’s an extraordinary manipulation of facts,” said Dr. Maryanne Wolf, director of Cognitive Neuroscience at Tufts University.

Reminds me of the brouhaha surrounding Baby Einstein and making claims it makes your kids smarter.

Marketers are smart--and not because before they turned 1 they watched a library DVDs on reading, or were drilled with flash cards, or sat mesmerized by images flashing in black and white swirls accompanied by a score from Swam Lake, or listened to classical music in utero--which I have to apologize for making a stink about here as I know many a mom-to-be who has done that or is doing that, but have some reservations. (As someone who has spent some time in the NICU and watched babies get overstimulated by too much noise, it makes me a little nervous when people do it excessively. Just be careful, Mamas!) Exit personal anecdote soap box. 

Marketers are smart because they have done years of research on how to pray on the vulnerabilities of hormonal new parents.

We all want our children to be smart.

Now, let's not underestimate the remarkable feat of some kids and their memorization skills. It is certainly applaud worthy. Watching the Today show video, I was truly in awe of some of the things that the babies could do. And the truth is, memorization is a foundation for later reading. But there is no empirical evidence it sets children up for later academic success. (And I bring it back to my concern about excessive screen time for young-ins. I have enough research from my time at CDC studying obesity and screen time to go to battle with anyone on this issue.) Moreover, don't children today get enough drilling when they enter real school? Who wants homework when you are 1? And the price tag is appalling.

I love that our childcare is run by an educated director who has, from the time I have met her, called into questions such excessively early reading programs. At school, they talk about a letter a week with the intent of familiarity--not to have a pre-reading program. And although Miles cannot string together the whole alphabet if you ask him, he has memorized the appearance of most of the letters.

Last night I read an e-mail from the Director letting some of the parents know that many in the older toddler group were able to pick out each other's names. Some pretty exceptional memorization! 

Still, I had my doubts that Miles could really do it. He's the youngest in the group, and although has remarkable receptive language, still behind all of them in expressive language. I thought he probably memorized the name cards at school--their shape and color-- and wouldn't be able to do it at home. So, I wrote out a bunch of his friend's names on Post-It notes at dinner, and asked him whose name it was--and he got pretty much all of them. (See video below when I did it for the first time). We've NEVER asked him to identify words before. Don't worry, I have no intention of getting him ready for the National Spelling Bee and doing this every night. It was just an experiment tonight! And you'll notice he doesn't care about identifying the words as much as putting the pieces of paper he personified to go "nigh-night" in his crotch on the chair.

Am I impressed? Hello, I am his mother. Of course.  This is the kid who does everything a day late and a dollar short of everyone else, so when he does hit a milestone, I am puffing my chest out.

But what I also realize is that he is not reading (yet). He is able to identify the first letter of the words and relate it to his friend. "S" is ALWAYS for "Sean." "F" is ALWAYS for "Felix." "E" is ALWAYS for "Ella." Still, it's a good party trick, and most certainly a precursor to more formalized reading. (You can hear Miles say "F...Felix". Rather, "F...Bebix".)

And the best part? The Miles Can Memorize program cost me all of $0.01. A few Post-Its and a Sharpie.

Save yourself the guilt and a few hundred bucks--forgo the marketed reading programs for babies.

Spend the money on books.

And instead of focusing on teaching your child to read, focus on things like playing, and actually reading to your child.

Over, and over, and over, and over.

Lock up your daughters...

This morning Felix decided to sleep in, which doesn't mean he slept a straight 12+ hours, but let's focus on the element of his night that has NEVER happened in our house before--waking up well after the second half of NPR's Morning Edition commences.

I had to wake him up.

Wait--how do you wake a baby? I've never done that before; they area always my alarm clock! Help!

We were late. Eric was frantically tying his tie in his underwear (yup, I went there), I was in my towel, and Miles was playing with a sock monkey on our bed. There was no time for Rip Van Winkle to pull his stunt this morning. I decided to do the slow wake-up--mimic the (fluorescent) sun rising. I opened Felix's door and turned on the exceptionally bright hall light.

I peered in his room, and wouldn' you know it...

...the darn boy is STANDING in his Bjorn crib, peering at me with a sleepy face and tousled hair.

He's learned to stand up. Why this is remarkable (and why I mentioned the Bjorn crib), is because the sides are completely fabric.
BABYBJĂ–RN Travel Crib Light , BlueI shouldn't be too surprised. This is the child who bolts for all outlet covers, and proceeds to pull them out without hesitation. I cannot even pull them out! He will also, in a heartbeat, take that strange little white cap on the bottom of your toilet (a screw cap?) and shove it in his mouth when you are knee deep in a poopy toddler diaper change. At that point, I am not sure what is more disgusting--the contents of the diaper, or the fact that my child has put a toilet part in his mouth.

Back to Sleeping Beauty's wake up call: I collected the troops to witness his newest feat, and asked Felix: "Are you standing in your CRIB?"

As clear as day, our baby retorts: "YES!"

There is no question he has no control or understanding of what comes out of his mouth, but this morning's grunt, which was so apropos for the situation, made us all laugh.

Until I realized that he stood up in a crib that doesn't have any slats for him to use to pull up...and that he has no idea how to get himself down from a stand at this point.

How he got up is a mystery to me.
How he will get down is a mystery to him.

He's tricky. And we're in trouble--especially if he decides to pull his stunts in the middle of the night.

I have a feeling this one is going to be a handful.

Lock up your daughters. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's been one of those nights...

(Obligatory Halloween Weekend post forthcoming. We packed in a whole lot of fun, which translates into a whole lot of text, and the Biggest Loser is on, which means I actually turn on the TV at night, proceed to eat junk food with Eric, and have as little interaction with the computer as possible.)

It's been one of those nights...

No, not the one where I resort to bribery to get my children in the car after childcare, referee multiple tantrums, nurse while giving a one handed bath to a shrieking toddler, get poop on my hands, and greet Eric with a scowl when he returns after I somehow get the boys to bed...'s been one of those nights that just solidified how awesome it is to be a Mom. For all of you other Moms out there, you know where this is going--a recount of what seem like normal events that feel so perfectly in sync with universe. It's not about "things" or doing anything outside of our normal routine. It's about having a night where you realize your children may just perhaps love behaving more than they love driving you insane.

Miles's childcare is experiencing a round of a dreaded GI bug, so this week I have been just waiting for my phone to light up telling me one of them has puked. But so far--we are okay. Just dealing with 2 runny noses and red eyes. When I picked them up today, Felix almost jumped over the playground fence into my arms and started slapping me in delight. Yes, he slaps me in the face. I guess that is how he says hello. (That, and he bites my deltoid so hard that I have an enormous bruise. Imagine that, but on your breast--hence, the nursing strike of a few weeks back.)

Miles was in a relatively good mood and didn't "toddle" around while I tried to gather up his items and get out the door. And apparently he composed an entire sentence after a stellar nap: "I want to go outside." Right now, he is allergic to things like prepositions, so although you know what he is saying, it takes a little extra construction on the receiver's part: "Minos go outside." "Daddy help kids run."

We got in the car without incident (my "show Ms. J what a big boy you are and how you can get in the car by yourself" worked the first time). And...hold your breath...I remembered to strap them both in.

But then I worried that we wouldn't see Daddy on the field and Miles would start WWIII. He loves to see Eric at XC practice, but they were off campus today. And the worst is when Daddy's car is still in the parking lot and we drive past it, because Miles does not understand that he is not in the vicinity. But we got off campus with just a few "Want to see DADDY!"

And then I tempted fate. Instead of going home the normal way (5 minutes), I elected an alternative route where we might pass Eric and his kids running back from practice. The issue is that the traffic is terrible on this route (15 minutes), and we pass by Kroger, which Miles recognizes the shopping plaza sign and would inevitably ask (and then proceed to demand) to "Go to store. See penguin." (The penguin is a sign that holds court over the frozen foods section).  That, and Felix is so tired and fussy at the end of the day, I wouldn't be surprised if he would scream and gnaw through his seat belts and fly out of his seat and take a bite out of Miles who is trying to match his screaming.

We saw lots of Eric's runners ("Boys running. NO SHIRTS!"), but no Daddy. But Miles didn't freak out. And Felix started telling jokes to himself. I couldn't decipher the punch line. Probably something about boobs and milk. We played eye spy through horrible traffic, and I am now convinced that Miles thinks both Marist School and MacDonald's pay homage to his name. "M for Minos!" That kid can spot an "M" from a "M"ile away...

And then we played "red means stop, green means GOOOOOOO!" Miles would point to non stop sign items and ask "stop sign? GNOME! stop sign? GNOME!" thinking he was funny. And when we actually hit a stop sign, we freaked out and sang "red means stop, green means GOOOOOO!" It got us home in one piece.

I brought the boys in and Miles found a stick that he quickly said, "F for Felix." The kid was right--the stick was a total "F!" He kindly played on the floor by the door with the "F" stick while I processed the 800 bags I bring home. After washing hands and diaper changes, we hung out in the tent in the family room while Mac 'n Cheese baked in the oven. We laughed so hard for no reason but the fact that we were being silly.

And then Miles told me his tummy hurt. Uh-oh. Scratch the Mac 'n Cheese. He actually asked for a "Daddy Bar" and I acquiesced. Basically, a "Daddy Bar" is any kind of energy bar. So, he had an Odwalla Strawberry Pomegranate bar for dinner with half of a banana that he shared with Felix. I was still waiting for the puke to we quickly rushed to the bathroom. Much easier to clean than the tent.

I drew Felix's bath while Miles sort of stood there waiting for me to give him something to do. We put the potty away for a few weeks because there was an incident when Miles thought he pooped in the tub (it was just gas) and from that moment on, was afraid of both the potty and pooping in the bath. Interestingly, he asks to wear is big boy underwear every single night, which he then proceeds to pee through and THEN tells us he peed. Anyway, I asked Miles to brush his teeth and wash his hands (can't be too careful with the GI bug circulating his school), and the next thing I know, he is getting off the stool and giving me a sponge bath. Washed my face, eyelashes, sweater, earrings...and then washed his face and then diaper. He was so methodical and careful. Then he popped in the bath, attempted to wash himself and take a "shower," we got in PJs, and drove back to Marist to hang out with Dad at his adult running group.

We had a blast. One of the runners had her 8 year old daughter hang out for the workout, and she immediately came over to play ball with Miles and Felix. We brought a big bouncy ball to play with. The three of them threw it around to each other, laughed, rolled around the field and I think both Miles and Felix fell in love with this girl. She even taught Miles how to use Eric's running mittens as "rabbit ears" and hop on his knees.

We went home, sang twinkle twinkle to all of the stars in the car, and then got into the home without incident. Miles helped me sing to Felix while I nursed, we got the baby to sleep, and then it was Miles's bedtime routine.

Miles gathered his lion, my teddy bear I had as a baby, and his monkey (his new bedtime friends), and asked for me to "cuddle" with him. Um, yes please! We snuggled under a blanket, read a Dinosaur book...and the next thing I know, Miles points to one and says "triceratops." WHAT? How do you know that? And then he pretty much read the entire Pete The Cat book to me.

He climbed up on my lap with his stuffed animal friends, we sang "I love you, a bushel and a peck," and he kept moving my face so that it was smashed up against his. We said our prayers, and I plopped him in his crib, we exchanged "I love yous" and here I find myself.

Snoozer, right?

For you. But for me, pretty darn perfect.
From End of October 2010
From End of October 2010