Thursday, November 18, 2010


In preparation for Thanksgiving, Miles has been practicing his prayer hands. He says grace before they eat at school, and we TRY to do it at home as much as possible, with the level of dinner mania determining its occurrence.

You'll notice he gets the whole prayer, in "Milesese", the first time, and the second time (after chiding me for preparing to say it with him again), does some major abbreviation and skips the second line. And then I was slow on the uptake to remember that "this one!" with hands in prayer form meant, "Mom! Do Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple...See all the People!" (Or in Milesese, "here is the church, here is the teeteep, open the doors and see all the peepees") And then he ends looking up to God saying "Peepees...guys...train." Not sure what he was getting at there...

And to close, Mommy abuse (ie, wedding reception material), forcing Miles to say words I think sound cute. He's been obsessed with pumpkin pie and apple pie--asking for it at home each day for the better portion of a month. Note to my readers: we have had no apple/pumpkin pie in this house in a year. Somehow, he's adopted a fascination...but the best is that it sounds so darn cute. And so does him realizing half way through me asking him to say "cheese" that he should pose.


  1. Omg LOVE IT: punkanpie. appapie. So cute!

  2. I hope the boy will get some pumpkin pie and apple pie! Seriously, he's so cute, especially abbreviating grace. Don't you wonder what he really thinks he's saying?
    You have some serious leaves! I raked for the fourth time today. Somebody make me stop!