Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's been one of those nights...

(Obligatory Halloween Weekend post forthcoming. We packed in a whole lot of fun, which translates into a whole lot of text, and the Biggest Loser is on, which means I actually turn on the TV at night, proceed to eat junk food with Eric, and have as little interaction with the computer as possible.)

It's been one of those nights...

No, not the one where I resort to bribery to get my children in the car after childcare, referee multiple tantrums, nurse while giving a one handed bath to a shrieking toddler, get poop on my hands, and greet Eric with a scowl when he returns after I somehow get the boys to bed...

...it's been one of those nights that just solidified how awesome it is to be a Mom. For all of you other Moms out there, you know where this is going--a recount of what seem like normal events that feel so perfectly in sync with universe. It's not about "things" or doing anything outside of our normal routine. It's about having a night where you realize your children may just perhaps love behaving more than they love driving you insane.

Miles's childcare is experiencing a round of a dreaded GI bug, so this week I have been just waiting for my phone to light up telling me one of them has puked. But so far--we are okay. Just dealing with 2 runny noses and red eyes. When I picked them up today, Felix almost jumped over the playground fence into my arms and started slapping me in delight. Yes, he slaps me in the face. I guess that is how he says hello. (That, and he bites my deltoid so hard that I have an enormous bruise. Imagine that, but on your breast--hence, the nursing strike of a few weeks back.)

Miles was in a relatively good mood and didn't "toddle" around while I tried to gather up his items and get out the door. And apparently he composed an entire sentence after a stellar nap: "I want to go outside." Right now, he is allergic to things like prepositions, so although you know what he is saying, it takes a little extra construction on the receiver's part: "Minos go outside." "Daddy help kids run."

We got in the car without incident (my "show Ms. J what a big boy you are and how you can get in the car by yourself" worked the first time). And...hold your breath...I remembered to strap them both in.

But then I worried that we wouldn't see Daddy on the field and Miles would start WWIII. He loves to see Eric at XC practice, but they were off campus today. And the worst is when Daddy's car is still in the parking lot and we drive past it, because Miles does not understand that he is not in the vicinity. But we got off campus with just a few "Want to see DADDY!"

And then I tempted fate. Instead of going home the normal way (5 minutes), I elected an alternative route where we might pass Eric and his kids running back from practice. The issue is that the traffic is terrible on this route (15 minutes), and we pass by Kroger, which Miles recognizes the shopping plaza sign and would inevitably ask (and then proceed to demand) to "Go to store. See penguin." (The penguin is a sign that holds court over the frozen foods section).  That, and Felix is so tired and fussy at the end of the day, I wouldn't be surprised if he would scream and gnaw through his seat belts and fly out of his seat and take a bite out of Miles who is trying to match his screaming.

We saw lots of Eric's runners ("Boys running. NO SHIRTS!"), but no Daddy. But Miles didn't freak out. And Felix started telling jokes to himself. I couldn't decipher the punch line. Probably something about boobs and milk. We played eye spy through horrible traffic, and I am now convinced that Miles thinks both Marist School and MacDonald's pay homage to his name. "M for Minos!" That kid can spot an "M" from a "M"ile away...

And then we played "red means stop, green means GOOOOOOO!" Miles would point to non stop sign items and ask "stop sign? GNOME! stop sign? GNOME!" thinking he was funny. And when we actually hit a stop sign, we freaked out and sang "red means stop, green means GOOOOOO!" It got us home in one piece.

I brought the boys in and Miles found a stick that he quickly said, "F for Felix." The kid was right--the stick was a total "F!" He kindly played on the floor by the door with the "F" stick while I processed the 800 bags I bring home. After washing hands and diaper changes, we hung out in the tent in the family room while Mac 'n Cheese baked in the oven. We laughed so hard for no reason but the fact that we were being silly.

And then Miles told me his tummy hurt. Uh-oh. Scratch the Mac 'n Cheese. He actually asked for a "Daddy Bar" and I acquiesced. Basically, a "Daddy Bar" is any kind of energy bar. So, he had an Odwalla Strawberry Pomegranate bar for dinner with half of a banana that he shared with Felix. I was still waiting for the puke to descend...so we quickly rushed to the bathroom. Much easier to clean than the tent.

I drew Felix's bath while Miles sort of stood there waiting for me to give him something to do. We put the potty away for a few weeks because there was an incident when Miles thought he pooped in the tub (it was just gas) and from that moment on, was afraid of both the potty and pooping in the bath. Interestingly, he asks to wear is big boy underwear every single night, which he then proceeds to pee through and THEN tells us he peed. Anyway, I asked Miles to brush his teeth and wash his hands (can't be too careful with the GI bug circulating his school), and the next thing I know, he is getting off the stool and giving me a sponge bath. Washed my face, eyelashes, sweater, earrings...and then washed his face and then diaper. He was so methodical and careful. Then he popped in the bath, attempted to wash himself and take a "shower," we got in PJs, and drove back to Marist to hang out with Dad at his adult running group.

We had a blast. One of the runners had her 8 year old daughter hang out for the workout, and she immediately came over to play ball with Miles and Felix. We brought a big bouncy ball to play with. The three of them threw it around to each other, laughed, rolled around the field and I think both Miles and Felix fell in love with this girl. She even taught Miles how to use Eric's running mittens as "rabbit ears" and hop on his knees.

We went home, sang twinkle twinkle to all of the stars in the car, and then got into the home without incident. Miles helped me sing to Felix while I nursed, we got the baby to sleep, and then it was Miles's bedtime routine.

Miles gathered his lion, my teddy bear I had as a baby, and his monkey (his new bedtime friends), and asked for me to "cuddle" with him. Um, yes please! We snuggled under a blanket, read a Dinosaur book...and the next thing I know, Miles points to one and says "triceratops." WHAT? How do you know that? And then he pretty much read the entire Pete The Cat book to me.

He climbed up on my lap with his stuffed animal friends, we sang "I love you, a bushel and a peck," and he kept moving my face so that it was smashed up against his. We said our prayers, and I plopped him in his crib, we exchanged "I love yous" and here I find myself.

Snoozer, right?

For you. But for me, pretty darn perfect.
From End of October 2010
From End of October 2010


  1. What a wonderful account of the perfect family evening. I learned to treasure those and keep them in mind when things don't go quite as well. I hope, hope, hope that you all are able to avoid the GI bug. No one wants to see Eric's head shrouded with his T shirt or to have vomitus dripping down one's shirt...
    Cute pictures, too!

  2. Yay! Celebrating this special time for you!