Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lock up your daughters...

This morning Felix decided to sleep in, which doesn't mean he slept a straight 12+ hours, but let's focus on the element of his night that has NEVER happened in our house before--waking up well after the second half of NPR's Morning Edition commences.

I had to wake him up.

Wait--how do you wake a baby? I've never done that before; they area always my alarm clock! Help!

We were late. Eric was frantically tying his tie in his underwear (yup, I went there), I was in my towel, and Miles was playing with a sock monkey on our bed. There was no time for Rip Van Winkle to pull his stunt this morning. I decided to do the slow wake-up--mimic the (fluorescent) sun rising. I opened Felix's door and turned on the exceptionally bright hall light.

I peered in his room, and wouldn' you know it...

...the darn boy is STANDING in his Bjorn crib, peering at me with a sleepy face and tousled hair.

He's learned to stand up. Why this is remarkable (and why I mentioned the Bjorn crib), is because the sides are completely fabric.
BABYBJĂ–RN Travel Crib Light , BlueI shouldn't be too surprised. This is the child who bolts for all outlet covers, and proceeds to pull them out without hesitation. I cannot even pull them out! He will also, in a heartbeat, take that strange little white cap on the bottom of your toilet (a screw cap?) and shove it in his mouth when you are knee deep in a poopy toddler diaper change. At that point, I am not sure what is more disgusting--the contents of the diaper, or the fact that my child has put a toilet part in his mouth.

Back to Sleeping Beauty's wake up call: I collected the troops to witness his newest feat, and asked Felix: "Are you standing in your CRIB?"

As clear as day, our baby retorts: "YES!"

There is no question he has no control or understanding of what comes out of his mouth, but this morning's grunt, which was so apropos for the situation, made us all laugh.

Until I realized that he stood up in a crib that doesn't have any slats for him to use to pull up...and that he has no idea how to get himself down from a stand at this point.

How he got up is a mystery to me.
How he will get down is a mystery to him.

He's tricky. And we're in trouble--especially if he decides to pull his stunts in the middle of the night.

I have a feeling this one is going to be a handful.

Lock up your daughters. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! You will find all kinds of interesting things in his diaper (been there, done that), and will have to keep those toilet parts clean (mine are not, I'm pretty sure...).
    You, my love, did the standing-in-the-crib-and-can't-get-down-in-the-middle-of-the-night thing at right about his age. It eventually resolves itself, but I don't remember how...
    Really?!?! "Yes"?!?! He's apparently already learned that the cuteness factor will assure his survival in the world.
    Life is an adventure for sure!