Sunday, November 14, 2010

What goes well with Wellies?

From Mid November 2010
No pants! Miles has insisted on wearing his boots recently...and doing laps around the house. In fact, one morning he went to school in boots and no jacket. It wasn't a battle worth fighting, and when we picked him up, he magically had on his other shoes. (Thank you childcare!) This is apparently our new "cheese" pose. (Don't mind Farmer Felix in the back, snacking on whatever week old crumbs have fallen.)
From Mid November 2010
You'll notice Daddy's Big Bear squatting on the Potty in Miles's room. We've hit an impasse with the potty, bath, and now bedtime.


Uh, no one warned me of this.

Miles is still allergic to the potty and every mention of it. We completely removed it from all conversation and the bathroom. And yet, he is telling us he is peeing and pooping in his diaper more. And requesting to be naked or in big boy underpants frequently. I am a little of him are showing signs of being ready, and then parts of him are just screaming "I'm terrified of the concept, don't even approach it."

I think the recent bath allergy is related. He doesn't want to go into the bath, which used to be a favorite part of the day. It's so curious. But he has started to freak out in the bath at random times, and then when we take him out, immediately pees.

See a trend?

And Eric and I have been so proud that we haven't made a big deal about the potty around him--we've been so chill. I've saved all worry, questioning, etc, for when he is not around.

It's not paying off. I don't mind that he is not ready, but I sense a complex. I just don't know what to do. I just fear he is going to have major pee and poop issues, and the stink eye from others will be directed at us--but I swear we are doing everything we are "supposed" to! Ah well.

And then last week, we started with night wakings. Seriously? For the past year, he has honestly been a "good" sleeper. It's relative people. Goes down like magic at 7:30pm--completely awake...sleeps all the way through. Just wakes up early--like 6:15am. And then, he woke up multiple times one night, and then the next. Of course, that's the one night Felix went from 7pm until 5am for the first and last time. We had a few nights of all the way through with Miles, but last night he was up again. Complaining his teeth hurt. 3 molars are almost half way through the gum--could it really be waking him up? So many times when he is cranky, he says his teeth hurt or his tummy hurts. And then tonight he cried until almost 8pm screaming for me when I put him down after singing a rousing rendition of Bushel and a Peck. 7:30pm and 8pm may not seem that different to some, but many parents will agree, 15 minute increments are like HUGE in the world of sleep.

Regression is always tough, but when it is related to sleep, it really hits home in my house. I have tolerated sleeplessness relatively well, until the past 2-3 months when in combination with work stress, I just dread night wakings. And when they are toddlers, they remember things like "oh, last night I cried at bedtime, I should do it again tonight." So even if the insult is removed (say, teeth pain), he gets in the habit of fussing at night. I kind of wish he still nursed...or that he had some interest in jumping into a family bed and we could all just go back to sleep. At least with Felix, I just hop into the second bed with him, nurse while "resting," plop him back down, and go back to sleep. Now with Miles we have to go in, rub his back, sit in the chair, and tell him to lie down over and over.

This too shall's just a hard way to approach a Monday.

Good thing they are cute!

Boy Sammie!
From Mid November 2010
From Mid November 2010
From Mid November 2010
From Mid November 2010


  1. Cute wellies and little bare legged boy in them (as well as Farmer Felix)!
    I'm sorry that Miles' regression issues are tiring everyone out.
    Please do not worry about the potty issues. You are doing the right thing - nothing. Continue to back off, and let it ride (I'm not sure how to advise about the instant peeing when he leaves the tub). As long as you are "cool" with it, his reluctance will abate in due time. Take heart in the fact that he is beginning to let you know when he's going, and remember - he's still not 3!
    In regards to the night times, his teeth may well be bothering him enough to wake him. It will pass. I know how desperately you all need a full night's sleep, and it won't happen soon enough I know, but it will!
    Toddlers are like mini-teenagers (just cuter and not hard to roust out of bed the way teens are) - they are conflicted about growing up, and consequently progress and regress all at the same time. You're confused by it, but so are they! It's hard and a bit scary growing up! One minute it's "I can do it myself" and the next it's "feed me, Mommy". It's all normal.

  2. Regression is pretty normal. I think you are handling it like a champ. I doubt that you are causing any 'issues.'

    Hang in there.