Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Oh my gosh, please don't be a baseball player..."

I may not have a digital camera, but I have a flip video!

My fondest memories of anything related to baseball can be boiled down to...not peanuts...but colored pistachios. I went to a Red Sox game with my best friend MD with our middle school teacher Mrs. Carr. MD religiously kept score (as she still does now), and I enjoyed my fingers getting dyed with pistachio shells. I bet your bottom dollar that MD could probably tell you both the opposing team and the score of that game, and I can clearly remember sitting in the back seat of our teacher's car with red stained hands, talking about how her sister pretends to lose her license so she can get "re-do" pictures. I've been to many other games throughout my life, but I'm sad to say that if pressured, I couldn't name you more than 3 players on the Sox's current roster. Okay, maybe 1. And, well, no one in Atlanta can name anyone on the Braves. Just kidding!

I am from New England, but I don't ski, and even more embarrassing, I don't watch baseball. I "follow" the Sox in score, but unless I am at a game, cannot sit through a broadcast, which is why if Felix ever decides to put his good arm in use and opt for t-ball or baseball, I may need to practice my excited face. But we won't be pressuring him into any sport too soon (organized sports for toddlers? Read this interesting piece from the NY Times.)

This kid can launch a block. (And bite a friend.) We tried to get it on camera a couple of times--the throwing, not the biting...and I include the unabridged version so you can see my other son steal my PB&J, and then hear us adults comment on it, and then not only give it back to me, but then ask for it back again. Ah, toddlers. And at the end, I do think I said "oh my gosh, please don't be a baseball player..."

Which means, he'll be a baseball player.

And I'll learn to love it. And ask MD how to keep score.

And the 2nd video was taken after school one day. I think Miles brings a new meaning to "love him to death." Good thing Felix thinks it's funny, because if their birth order was flip-flopped, there would be a lot more tears...

I'm sorry...but there is nothing sweeter than little baby and toddler giggles. Well, maybe butterfly sneezes (Old Turtle anyone?)


  1. That second video is amazing! Such happy moments. You will probably look back at it fondly when the boys are teenagers, and wrestling each other to the ground constantly.

  2. My first thought is that you will all need to start wearing helmets and padding to avoid being clonked by blocks! I promise to paste on a smile for Felix's baseball debut as well.
    Second, I couldn't help but chuckle along with the boys. Those are wonderful memories you've captured.

  3. I just read the NY Times article, and it makes me crazy! How inappropriate to introduce organized sports to babies and toddlers! Aaaagghh! I also heard recently that parents are putting their babies on diets. Sigh.

  4. I have to chime in. It was Ms. Edinberg. She took us for my bat mitzvah present. It was a Seattle Mariners game and I totally wore all blue and yellow, their colors at the time because I was obsessed with Ken Griffey, Jr. I don't remember the score. And, the thing about the pistachio nuts: we bought them after the game on the street from the guy who yelled, "PEAnuts, 'STAchios, SOFT pretzels" with maybe a Greek accent. We didn't know we had bought the red ones because it was dark. We just chomped on them on the way home and when we opened the car door at home and the light came on, we realized our hands were covered in the red dye.
    Of course, I was raised to love baseball, and I really do, but I also think it is way more interesting when you keep score...or at least it helps my brain actually see the patterns going on. So, I'll have to teach you in the event that Felix can stop laughing for long enough to play a game.

  5. How funny that our minds can recreate memories and splice them together, too. Must be a sign of age...or sleep deprivation. Reminds me of Nora Ephragms newest book...I remember nothing....or I at least think that is the title. Ha!

  6. My thought MD, is that everyone needs a friend with a wonderfully detailed memory. Mine is GD. Of course it makes sense that it was Ms. Edinberg who took you to the game.
    I was also thinking that Felix could be in training for shot put or Javelin throwing... Then you'd really better wear protective gear!