Monday, January 24, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

The night Felix decides to sleep 11 hours straight for the first time, Miles gets up twice.

I spent 1 hour jammed into the corner of a toddler bed, holding a 2 1/2 year old's hand (by request), and another hour curled up on a chair in his room.

And earlier in the night I fell asleep on the couch and completely skipped out on brushing my teeth, so adding to my discomfort in Miles's room was that I couldn't stand the taste of my own mouth. I kept moving my tongue around the "sock teeth" hoping that they would magically clean themselves so I could stand a fighting chance of getting some sleep. But I was trapped...holding a toddler's hand with my head plastered against a sheep headboard with death breath.

And to boot, we realized that the $36 we spent on a massive shipment a bunch of tubes of
Tom's of Maine, Cool Peppermint, Wicked Fresh toothpaste from Amazon DOES contain SLS (sodium laureth sulfate), unlike the Tom's Natural Clean and Gentle we had previously been using. (I knew the foaming paste was too good to be true.) Generally, this is a no biggie, but we are trying to keep this chemical out of our house completely, especially in the toothpaste realm due to Eric's sensitive mouth and history.

And Eric informed me this morning that he wants to move up the ultrasound scheduled on February 5th to explore the fetus in fetu in his "leg pit" (that's my anatomical description) we diagnosed him with because it was getting bigger and starting to hurt. Okay, so we know it is not a fetus in fetu, but last year when we joked about his little "c" being "cancerous," it turned out not so funny. So, we thought joking that this lump was a developmental abnormality in which a mass of tissue resembling a fetus forms inside the body, was a better bet. (I've already double-dog dared him to say to the ultrasound tech, "just tell me it isn't a fetus in fetu, please!") I wouldn't be surprised if we could get a series on Discovery Health out of it and fill our children's college funds.

Humor can be both a wonderful and misappropriated tool for dealing with anxiety. Sometimes, the alternative just isn't pretty. From Thanksgiving to Christmas in my head and heart wasn't pretty. Note to self: I am NOT wonderwoman...and I CANNOT pretend that I don't need to process life's obstacles.

But in the spirit of being positive, Felix started saying "Hi!" when he walks into a room. He can now add that to his limited repertoire of words: along with "MaMa" "DaDa" and having every animal make the noise "Woof!" And he is taking off with his walking...and started signing "please" this weekend. So far, we only have "more" and "all done" perfected, but I'm happy that "please" made it into his hand vocabulary so early.

And the weaning from nursing and reducing my pumping to hand pumping has gone swimmingly! No clogged ducts to report. And Felix may cry before naps and bedtime, but it is pretty short lived.

And I decided to stage a comeback with my car singing and pulled out old mix CDs from 02-04. I know that you are thinking "a CD? What is that? Should I find some and get a spot on Antiques Roadshow?" Too bad my car won't play cassette tapes. Oh, I just went there. And it's a toss up between me and my sister-in-law Tracey, who made more mix tapes in middle and high school. I have fond memories of sitting an entire weekend in my house with my fingers primed on the "play" and "record" buttons of my boom box, waiting anxiously for "More Than Words" to start playing so I could get it on tape...

My mix CDs are pretty bangin', and even though I felt like I was cheating on a boyfriend by putting it a gem from 2003 in my car this morning instead of listening to NPR's Morning Edition as I've done every AM for years, I couldn't be happier finding the latent "thug" in me while I rocked out to Tupac's "That's Just the Way it Is." (Funny side note, one of the lyrics is: We aint ready to see a black president). And no matter how morally depraved John Mayer has proven himself to be in the past few years, his "3x5" just makes me feel good.

And last night Eric and I laughed so hard at bath time, I think he almost birthed his fetus in fetu. I totally lost half of the 3 blog readers I have when I recounted Miles's parroting the abortion conversation, so I won't lose the other 3 of you letting you know what Miles said, but e-mail me if you want the full details. I figure, if you have my e-mail, we are close enough that I can tell you the whole story and you won't unfriend me on facebook. :)

And we finally purged a whole lot of "stuff" we had either through a Craigslist sell, or a donation to Goodwill. We already are not "stuff" people, but combing through our attic and eliminating items that serve no purpose but to take up space, felt great. And Miles even got in on it as he carried a mug into the donation center. We tried to explain to him what donating meant. I may have taken it too far by saying, "and some people don't have clothes and beds, so we are giving them the clothes you grew out of, and other people may give them their beds so they don't have to sleep on the floor." Miles's response was "people sleep on the floor?"

Maybe that is why he got up last night...maybe he's afraid of being naked and sleeping on the floor.

And let's not forget: Felix slept from a little before 7:30pm until almost 7am.

It may not happen again for another year, but for this Monday, let's just marinate in life's possibilities...


  1. Whoa! That's a whole lot of "stuff" going on. Great about Felix sleeping - not great about Miles's (and yes, he is getting old enough to have those night time fears - naked on the floor, monsters, and more). Also disheartening about the Tom's of Maine. I realized that my Tom's Whole Care toothpaste has it, too. So I should try the gentle one? I love that it is not too sweet and by contrast, Crest tastes way too sweet.
    Scary about the fetus in fetu bothering Eric now. Again, humor is helpful no matter what. We'll continue to pray as we have been...
    The purging sounds glorious. I have junk dump envy!
    I will email for the Miles-ism....

  2. AWESOMENESS. Loved every minute of it. And isn't Tupac brilliant, btw? I love revisiting his songs - his lyrics are totally inspiring... too bad he didn't exactly live by them.

    Hope some songs conjure up some Bec mems!

    Fingers crossed for the ultra sound! Boy or girl...