Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things: Miles - 32 months

Our first entry of Kids Say The Darndest Things (KSTDT)...and it went exactly as I anticipated.

My little wall flower got camera shy, and I knew it was going to be pulling teeth to get him to talk when he said "kitchen" to my first question: "How old are you?"

Pronunciation goes out the window, and he assumes that coy little boy face. Timid, nervous, not really knowing what he is saying because all he can concentrate on is the white camera shoved in his face.

But at 2, his shyness is sooo cute. And I hold on to hope that he'll grow to adopt the courage to do things like complete the obstacle course in elementary school PE (alligator pit and all--Westy-b folks, remember the "stick of butter" pad we had to swing over with a rope in Ms. O'Shaughnessy's gym class?), and ask his crush to dance at a middle school town hall dance. (Although, I may have to hold his hand all night if that girl denies him in a blaze of attitude, and rushes to the bathroom with a gaggle of girlfriends to balk over little Miles Linus having the nerve to embarrass her in public and blemish her chances of becoming the first female president. I know this, because at times, I may have been that girl. And his name may have been Anthony Small.)

And yes. I'll wet down his cowlick on dance nights. Again, at two it's called "personality." At 12, it's called "asking for a shove into the lockers."

I hope to do this again at his 3rd birthday in a few months. Make an honest woman out of me if I forget, okay friends?

(In case you just tuned in to my programming, I'm attempting to tape my children answering a standard list of questions throughout the first years of their life. Totally swiped from another Mama. Genesis explained in previous post - R-rated Oatmeal.)


  1. The way he says oatmeal is definitely hilarious! I may have to steal this idea and tape Ella soon.

  2. Grandpa and I think he's the cutest. No giggly girl ever better break his heart!!!

  3. Adorable! I wish I had more video of G talking at two!