Saturday, January 15, 2011

Say what??

One week on lock down in Atlanta's icy tundra has made my boys go a little batty. Felix is just generally a bull in a china shop, and tornadoes through the house, scaling everything he can get his paws on. And biting. Hard.

Miles and Eric have started talking crazy.

Last night Eric and I rented The Social Network from RedBox for our date night, and then at 4am in the morning, after I slunk back into bed from Felix's late night snack, Eric said:

"This might be a dream, but I may have just deposited a billion dollar check."


And many of my facebook friends already saw this one, but Miles's gem from the day:

Mom while changing Miles's poopy diaper a minute ago (read: potty training is going nowhere fast in this house): "Miles, what happens to food when you eat it?" 

Miles: "Food goes in your mouth, go down your throat, into your tummy, and come out as poop!! Don't eat poop. If you eat poop, you go to doctor...gorillas eat poop."

And then when he woke up from his nap and I told him Dad was running, he told me that he saw animals on his run. When asking him what animals he saw, he said "camels, reindeer, and a gorilla."

Luckily, with that billion dollars, we can outfit the Atlanta roads with as many camels, reindeer, and gorillas as Miles's heart desires.

Please, let the ice melt. Fast.

1 comment:

  1. That and purchase a few plows for future snowstorms...
    I love Miles' active imagination! Stay warm Atlanta!