Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Circle of life

Emotional day.

Today may mark the time I potentially become an Aunt for the first time (EEK!), and lose my first grandparent.

I know I need to cry, but not sure what emotional reservoir the tears will come from.

In both instances, all I can pray for is peace, comfort, and for things to progress smoothly...and I remind everyone yet again to tell those you care about--from the newest baby, to the oldest grandparent that you LOVE them.

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  1. It's weird. I know that so often there seems to be a death and a new life in a family, and I was initially thinking that we were only going to experience an aching death, until I heard about Heather's imminent delivery. It really is God's blessing - joy among the incredible sadness. My prayers are the same as yours....