Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Two-Day!!

I cower under the creativity and beautiful Valentine's Day posts of my blogger friends.

I am kicking myself for not documenting our weekend full of Valentine's day preparations and flower planting. So I got all guilty on myself and pulled out the camera when we are all at our worst: 6pm. 

All I have to offer is a quickly spliced video from right before bed time: my eternal attempt to make my boys perform. And this time, I got Eric in on it, too.

The best--Felix saying "Dada" when I asked him to say "Mama." Atta boy.

Felix is sporting red rashy cheeks; that's Valentine-sy, no? Between the hands shoved in the mouth and the chapped cheeks...I smell teeth!

Although Eric and I don't "celebrate" Valentine's day, we did have a day full of extra kisses and I love yous all around.

I love you Eric.
I love you Milosevich.
I love you "Mad Dog" Felix.

Make sure you give some extra hugs, kisses, and I love yous too.


  1. That's the best kind of Valentine's Day!
    Good Job, Eric. Your sons have taught you well...
    Felix definitely looks like he's teething.
    They are the cutest!
    Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Felix is rocking a sweet shirt! Love you guys.