Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet my friend Judy...or is it Julie?

First let me wish Felix a Happy Due Date! I didn't even think about it unti I was on my way to work hearing about how the groundhog isn't even going to be able to emerge from the depths of the ground because of the Snowmageddon in the NE. Ah! That's right! I was supposed to deliver Felix February 2nd. Just realizing how much he has changed since January 4th, I cannot imagine how much he would have changed (ie, porked RING OF FIRE TIMES TEN!) in utero. (And if you don't know what the ring of fire is, you've never been to a birthing class.)

Continuing the theme of Miles's cute inarticuletness (is that a word?), we've been having fun joking with him about his new friend Judy.

Or is it Julie?

We cannot tell.

Mum: "Miles, is it JUDY or JULIE?"
Miles: "JULDEEE!"
Mum: "Juldee?"
Miles: "no, JULDEE!"

Umm, okay.

Who is Judy? Why, it's Wilma's daughter, duh!

Truth is, we have no idea who Juldee is. But what we do know is that Miles talks about her from time to time. I've inquired at school. No Judy or Julie. We have no books that we read with that name in it.

Stirrings of an imaginary friend? Perhaps. My brother Nicholas had "Fanfy" and "Bricholas." (Creative genius.) I think Bricholas was the naughty one.

Miles doesn't talk to Juldee, but he just refers to her. And last night laughed and pointed to a character in our Down By The Station book (a woman dressed in safari gear) and called her "Julie." Or "Judy." Or both. I still have no clue.

When we ask him about it, he smirks and thinks it's funny. Like he has a secret, and he is intentionally keeping it from Mommy and Daddy. It's like when we say "Pa-toe" to him and he has that wiley smirk. That is one of those made up words he uses when he talks gibberish. Because he cannot speak quickly and in complete sentences, a lot of the time he will run in from a different room, open the door, peek his head in and say with a smirk:

"Patoe, gogi, doombu, catcho, deka, boe-dy." Or something of the sort. He does it when pretending to talk on the phone, too.

So the running joke is Miles's new girlfriend is named Julie/Judy.

And apparently this morning at breakfast, Miles referred to a new girl, "Wilma." When asked about who she was, he informed Eric that it's "Juldee's Mommy."


I know my kid has got an imagination, but I'm wondering if he is sneaking out of that big boy bed at night and finding his way to Pin-Ups or something.

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  1. What a riot! I can attest that it is impossible to distinguish whether it's Judy or Julie. Wilma is a new one!
    Happy gestational due date +1 to Felix!