Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pictures make it all better

Rock on universe!

On a really emotional day, it ended with our proofs coming back from our photoshoot with Danielle Bryson. Despite the less than ideal weather, there are a few really cute ones of the boys. I think we have a couple we will soon be adding to our wall of fame.

And in other news--the circle of life is in a standstill. No niece as of yet, and my grandmother is still rockin' the ICU. To be continued...

Seeing pictures of my of my family centers me. Makes me realize how important they are to me, and even gives me the itch to keep it going. (Eric just vomited a little in his mouth, and my uterus just shuddered).

If interested, feel to take a look. password "running" (I know, I am a bad Mom for giving the world carte blanche to view my family. But we are a handsome bunch, no? Lollipops, boogies, tantrums, and all.)


  1. handsome, indeed! i would have to take the second picture (the lollipop one) and make it poster size, because it's so dang cute.

    i'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. :(

  2. Felix is going to destroy the ladies with those eyes. My thoughts are with your family--I hope the delivery goes well and that your grandmother is doing better.

  3. They are wonderful! I love all the lollipop pictures (which for Miles is all of them) and Eric giving Zerberts to Felix.

  4. Hi Coach!! I hope the family is doing great. Really beautiful pictures too! I miss you guys~!

  5. love them!!! so cute the one with miles sharing the pop with felix! your house just photographs so well, too. can't wait to see what you get!