Sunday, February 27, 2011

random acts of zoo-ness

I really have no better avenue to ask than the blog...we are the grateful recipients of another year's membership to the zoo. Who is it from? A box to our family landed in our mailbox yesterday. No identifying information in the package that arrived, just an adorable tiger stuffed animal, which Miles quickly adopted, named "Go Go", and my first born is apparently going by Sigfreid now (ie, he carries it around like another appendage). Actually, we did see on the receipt that it was purchased on the 24th online, and we may have a credit card #.

Please let me know if anyone has an idea who may have done such an amazingly thoughtful gift. I'm not sure the occasion, or that any of us are deserving (if your a Facebook follower, you may know that as Eric hugged me the other night to tell me how wonderful a mother I am, we were interrupted by Felix screeching as he closed his hand in the 1/2 emptied dishwasher I had just left open.)

I want to appropriately thank the anonymous gifter, but this post cannot express the gratitude we any leads are appreciated. Miles made some great new thank you note paper just ready to be filled.

Yes...2011 may just be our year...


  1. That is wonderful! I hope you will be able to give your thanks in person, and in the meantime, I am sure your benefactor knows how much you deserve (despite accidents all parents and children experience - don't be too hard on yourself) and appreciate the gift. Yay zoo!