Thursday, March 31, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Late Night Style

2 weeks in a row! Man, I'm almost reliable again. And I'm getting this in just under the gun this Thursday...(1 hour until April Fool's day, and the giveaway reveal!) I'm not sure I've ever posted the official rules, but in case you were wondering, here are the rules pasted from the anderson crew's blog:
  1.   take a picture with you and your kids/spouse/family member/friend/whatever. 
  2. blog about that picture and include a link to our blog, or grab our button. 
  3. link your blog post up on mr. linky below. 
  4. visit the other embracers...give each other lots of compliments about how good we look with our greasy hair and sweatpants velour jogging suits on.  cause yah, we need a little boost when it's been days since our last shower. 
  5. have fun!
We still don't have any room on our Mac for pictures, which means still no cropping and making black & white photos (or removing boogies and Mommy break outs, which I've been known to do on a few select photos.) I label this week's Embrace the Camera "STRIPES!" Makes you kinda sick looking at all of those stripes, and us being upside down.
From Mar 31, 2011
From Mar 31, 2011
And for giggles, our outtakes from earlier in the evening.
From Mar 31, 2011
You think Felix looks sad up there? This one will really make your heart ache...
From Mar 31, 2011

Check list addendum

I forgot to add in my last post of random check list items:

  1. Use last bag of breast milk: check! I had just a few bags left after Felix stopped nursing, and the last one was defrosted and consumed last week during our 10 day fever/sinus infection marathon. 
With the diaper adoption that transpired, and now my stash of milk officially gone, I'm feeling a little "soggy." (It's the only way I can describe how I feel--kinda sad, nostalgic, proud...)

Without nursing/pumping/cloth diapering, maybe I'll have time to learn how to spell again. Eh, prohbubbuly unliekely.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just another random Wednesday

  1. I love lists. I love crossing things off of lists.
  2. Sell diapers: check! A first time mom, who was no bigger than a minute at 14 weeks adopted my stash. She's all water-birthing, delayed cord clamping, crunchy granola mom who was so darn cute and excited about cloth diapers. But I won't lie; putting my huge bag into her car was hard.
  3. Get kids healthy: check! What's better than 1 sinus infection? 2! And an ear infection. Miles relinquished his antibiotic "v-card" to amoxicillan. We almost made it to 3 years wtihout any abx. And Felix is on his favorite omniceph AND ear drops due to infected puss leaking out of his ear. (Too graphic?)
  4. Take time for myself: check! I am actually almost done with another rag wreath. I'm crazy, folks. Bat poop crazy about knotting fabric pieces.
  5. Figure out the donors of "random acts of zoo-ness" check! More on this later, but a few weeks ago, we finally found out who blessed us with another year's membership to the zoo.
  6. Wed my sons off to the cutest girl in town: check!
  7. Crack my cell phone's screen: check!
  8. Order a junior varsity "fix your own droid screen" kit from amazon for a mere $30 to avoid a $150 screen replacement fee on a phone you got from amazon beta for $80: check!
  9. Run around the house without pants on and a soggy diaper and look so darn cute you make your Mama's heart hurt: check!

Reminder, only a few more days for the Giveaway!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Butcher

Remember this?

Just replace the creeptastic Johnny with my face, and the smiling "stepford-y wife" with Miles.

I butchered Miles's hair today.
From Mar 27, 2011

He needs it cut every 3 weeks--and that ain't an exaggeration (Mahna, can you testify?) I've spent over a year perfecting my cutting technique, even upgrading on my Tweezerman hair scissors. And outside of the one French School girl job I did last summer, sometimes feel one step shy of opening my own toddler cut shop.

But this morning at 8am, I had two kids with week old fevers, dissolving with every minute, complicating things.

My 2 year old was doing the chair truffle shuffle.

My 1 year old was doing his best Chewbacca moan while pulling down my pajama pants.

(Miles spoke Mandarin in the beginning. Felix code switches between Chewbacca and Ewok.)

I think I flashed the entire street after Felix got one last good "yank" on my pants--and didn't care.

And then? The dreaded CHOP was placed right at the edge of Miles's cowlick. While my pants were around my ankles and Chewbacca was screaming for Han Solo or a hug from Princess Leia or something.

I could hear Eric saying "Less is more, honey. Stop. And pull up your pants."

But he wasn't there in the flesh. He was running. And I went all Edward Scissorhands.

And also discovered he has another cowlick in the front of his head.
From Mar 27, 2011
From Mar 27, 2011
(Is he too young to convince the masses he cut a chunk out of his own hair, and I was just doing damage control? I mean, I cut myself SIDEBURNS in preschool. I was fashion forward, what can I say?)

The worst--I think I cut him into a 4 year old boy. (Is that stubble I see? Oh no, it's just CHRONIC RUNNY NOSE. I promise I wipe that thing every 3 minutes. We are a family of runners I guess.)
From Mar 27, 2011
From Mar 27, 2011
From Mar 27, 2011
And he apparently took the role as a 4 year old seriously, cuz he independently peed on the potty!

(And then peed through 2 consecutive pairs of underwear.)

Let's just actually get to 3 years before we start looking 4, okay Miles?

I tried to redeem myself later in the morning with Felix's cut.
From Mar 27, 2011
From Mar 27, 2011
And I would like to note that the first picture is probably one of 3 times this kid has smiled in the past week. It hurts my soul to see one of the most happy kids do nothing but moan for a week straight. Sick kids is the worst.

Onward and upward.

Reminder! Giveaway ongoing. See previous post. I love reading everyone's promises!

And to keep my honest, for SD, some more progress on "Tortellini". I had to take a break because I ran out of cotton to stuff, so I started your Mr K a hat, too.
From Mar 27, 2011
From Mar 27, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Clarification: Giveaway is open for ONE WEEK--ends on March 31!!!!! (enough time to follow-through with the promise to yourself). I guess I wasn't clear when composing at 10:45pm
The genesis of today's giveaway is not about product testing or self-promotion. It's actually related to the most recent book club book for my "book club, party of two, extreme husband-wife edition."

Eric has been nose deep in books about happiness for the past few months. He has proposed a "history of happiness" course for his school (unfortunately, it hasn't generated the buzz it needs to get approved--yet.) So he has been reading all sorts of interesting books about the state of being happy. And how it has been conceived over the years and from different cultures.

Eric and I have had some pre-book club discussions (I have not read the book, yet.) What makes you happy? For me, I easily rattle off, being a mom, wife, running, spending time with family, serving others. And while that is all true, all this happiness talk has made me realize some things:

If I am not sleeping or at work, I want to play my role as mother.

And most of the time, that's awesome.

And sometimes exhausting.

I take care of everyone else but myself. This became very clear in December 2010, which is why 2011 is about breathing, and taking time to be the protagonist in my own life again. It's slow going:

I've taken a hiatus from running--my meditation.

I don't go out with girlfriends as much.

I feel guilty for getting my hair cut every 8 weeks.

My toenail polish has grown out so much (and y'all know that toenail polish must be related to twinkies in that both could last through a nuclear holocaust) that the pink almost now looks like that white top of a french manicure.

When I am in the house, it's all about the kids.

But here's the rub. ANYTIME I do something "for fun" it almost always serves the purpose of giving to someone else. Every project I do, I have to do it FOR someone. I love knitting, but only give myself permission to knit when it's for (fill in the blank.) Luckily, there have been enough people getting pregnant or having babies that I am never short of a project...

But why can't I just dedicate time to knit it comes...I WANT TO. Period. Done.

Maybe I would be able to knit more than hats, scarves, stockings, booties, and elephants?

For Eric's 30th birthday, I got him private running coaching--something he has always wanted so he can really make the move to break 16 in the 5k. He gets to steal away 40min-2hrs most days to just be with himself. Run. Meditate. Unload his mind. He has no shame in doing it. It's just a given--Daddy is going running. No one complains, and he comes back a better man.

Why can't I do that?

I don't have that dedicated running time right now--and really miss it. (So do my abs and cardiovascular system.)  I was a meditative runner. I wrote letters, books, sang songs, created alternative realities during that time.

It will be a few months before I can incorporate that dedicated running time into my life again due to Eric's running focus and general chaos of life (you know, it will be right around the time Atlanta gets like 90 and steamy by 6am. I've got timing!)

But until then, in the spirit of dedicating space and time to personal happiness, I've established at least 1 hour every few days when I can retreat from being a mom and wife, and do something just for me. One week, it might be a nap. Another, actually reading the magazines I have piled up under the bed and not just breeze through the pictures while walking them to the recycling bin. I've even thought about getting the girliest movie from Redbox, and having a movie date night with yours truly.

A few days ago, I poured myself a glass of wine into an old jelly jar (because it tastes better in a jar, duh!), and had a date with a Trader Joe's ice cream sandwich. No one else was invited. Okay, so my first thought was, "is it a bad sign that I am not only drinking $3 wine from a jelly jar, but that I'm drinking it by myself?" But then I thought, "this $3 tastes kinda good!" And I read a magazine--from cover to cover. And I did it while Eric was putting Miles to bed. Yup. My child was still up. A few weeks ago, I would have gone all ballistic on myself thinking "how dare you take time for yourself while your first born son wants nothing more than for you to read him his stories and sing songs?!?" But the truth is, I'm at the point where always having to wait until my children are fast asleep, the laundry is done, the dishes are put away, and lunches are made, to have that personal time is just not possible. (Unless I want a drink at 11pm. Sorry, for the next decade, sleep trumps anything. Even jelly jar libations and Trader Joe's ice cream sandwiches.)

This isn't rocket science, nor is it a new concept. I just didn't get the memo that it's okay to do fun things for yourself that don't directly benefit your family, friends or even strangers.

And you can still be an awesome Mom. (At least that is what I'm trying to convince myself of.)

Because you know what? My mantra for life (so many of you have heard): healthy mom, healthy family/happy mom, happy family. How can you contribute to anyone else's happiness if you don't at least spend some time getting to know your own happiness first?

Last week, I just kind of wanted to make another rag wreath. We don't need another one (I have 3 I've made already), but I just wanted to spend a few hours organizing fabric, meticulously cutting it, knotting it on the ring, and feeling that instant gratification of creating something beautiful. Like knitting, I find this particular craft very meditative. It's an OCD thing I think.

I think I wrote the next great American novel during its creation. (And then it leaked out of my mind when my children got up 7 times the following night with fevers and emphysema coughs.)

Now I have a wreath I don't need. The purpose has been served--in the creation. It was not assembled with the intent on giving it to someone, nor did I have a "deadline" to get it done.

Okay Sherlocks, guess what the giveaway is?

My meditative wreath!

There are no rules about going to another website and telling me your favorite product, or in what year a particular company started.

Let's be honest. I'm no Martha Stewart, and there isn't a chance I'm going into any sort of craft business any time soon, but I thought it would merely be fun to pass the wreath along.

All you need to do is comment below on ONE THING you will do within the week that is for you. (Let's keep it legal though, k?) One thing where the main purpose is to contribute to your happiness. Yeah, it's like I'm giving you license to be selfish.

In one week I'll do this really cool and magical thing on Excel where I can randomly select one entry to win.(Except for my mother. She cannot win--she already has a wreath. Nor can my husband. But he doesn't read my blog regularly anyway.) Oh, and each person gets only one chance...even if you have multiple personalities. I don't need you to follow me on the blog...I don't need you to "like" me, I don't need you to join me on facebook. I just need you to take care of yourself (and contact me with your mailing address if I don't have it already.)

Winner will be announced Friday morning. Whatever that date's 10:45pm, and I only have enough energy to either complete my dental hygeine routine, or do mental math. Sorry mathletes--the oral cavity wins.

I'll ship the wreath to the winner--with the restriction that you have to follow-through on your commitment to yourself.

And here's where I get all mushy gushy. I truly feel like the "giveaway" is not really the wreath, but the opportunity for you to commit yourself TO yourself--I'm asking you for accountability. And I promise you'll be better off for it.

So, what are you going to do for you?

Embrace the Camera: Mahna Style

Embrace the camera 2 weeks in a row, girl? I'm getting almost, gulp, reliable again! It's only been, what, 2 years or so?

Today's entry is a picture of Miles and Mahna. It's a moment that just tickles me. I can *hear* and *feel* my mom's joy. Unstaged, and unfortuantely one of the only pictures I took while my mom was my surrogate husband for a week while Eric was in Europe.

Those 2 have quite the bond.

We should be back to regularly scheduled programming soon. The family continues with the bubonic plague (enough decades have passed to make that funny, right?) I still have a temperature of almost 102 and my skin hurts to the touch. Felix had a temp of 103.5 yesterday, puked twice on his own phlegm (first time I've seen him actually unload like that. And you guessed it. Like every time with Miles, it landed right on me. And Eric was no where to be found.). I was fooled into thinking we were on the other end of the sickness when he posted a 99 upon waking, but right before nap #2.5, his temp was 102.7. So I'm home from work again today, trying my best to be the caretaker when I just want to crawl up into a ball, take a nap, and open my eyes to find my Mom magically back from New England, with fresh baked Andes Mint cookies on a plate and a big hug. Yeah, I still want my mom when I am sick. I admit it. But rule #13 of being a Mom--you are not allowed to get sick. And if you do, guess what, your babies and toddlers don't care (read: understand.) Here's hoping to a healthy weekend!

In other news, SD's Elefante's legs are complete; I just need to stuff them with organic cotton balls. What is interesting, is that they actual fit onto Felix's stuffed elephant--hello leg warmers! I staged a little circus elephant photoshoot for your pleasure. (Excuse my phone's poor camera quality in pic above)  I've decided to name this new elefante "Tortellini" (of course.) Once I feel better, I'll start on the body. No need to purl in a fever of 101.9 into the stuffed Elefante.

And drum roll please, the official giveaway is coming tomorrow! (Barring any more projectile watered down Gatorade and phlegm puke coating my body. Mucus is a good exfoliant though, right?!?!?)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Google Voice hilarity

First, SD's Elefante has been started! I might have to update the blog with progress pictures as it will keep me honest (and completing it before her infant takes his SATs). I also got my supplies for the official giveaway! I am still thinking about the actual giveaway blog text, so let's hope my children get better quickly so I can spend my morning commute crafting the blog entry in my head (it's there or the shower). 

I still have a sick ward at my house. Everyone but Eric has temperatures, and with this gorgeous weather, feeling cooped up has never been so painful. But to lighten the mood, I had to share today's funny--brought to you by Google Voice and Miles.

I have Google Voice, which is basically my phone's messaging service. The reason I like it is that it sends me both a text and an e-mail of my voicemail--transcribed! I can see it written, and have the option to actually play the message from my computer. (I also get the traditional phone message.) This is perfect for checking voicemail during meetings if necessary without having to answer my phone. (e.g. if my kids are sick at home, and I see Eric has left me a message during an ever important meeting about a meeting about a meeting at my office.)  But sometimes the transcription is way off.

Today's message from Miles read in my e-mail:

Hey, Hi Kate, you know that. Let me know what we were. They open season on. Also online and I hope you feel very mon calling on the way, I got used a while. Hi Gary, Alright, will, okay bye bye. Guest.

Parentheses are Eric's words.

"Hi Mommy! (say I love you Mommy) I wuve you Mommy. (say I hope to see you soon Mommy) I  see you soon Mommy. (I hope you feel better Mommy) Feel better Mommy. (say sorry I got you sick). Har-ee I got you sick. (Say sorry) I har-ee. (bye-bye) Bye Bye!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tot Collar re-name REVEAL (and quasi-giveaway)

We've had a blast culling through all of the great tot collar suggestions. Here were some front runners:

Tort Reform (courtesy of none other than my history loving husband)
Empire torte (our wedding "cake" and friend's business that is no longer! sad!)
Wampum (one of Mama Stacy's suggestions...what it means, I have no idea, but it rolls off of the tongue)
Plubee (ditto)
Felixilator or Fixelator
Hotty Totty
Rubber necker
Ann Boleyn
Mock tortle

and the winner is...

TORTELLINI!!! This gem was submitted by a woman/mom (wait--are we women already?) who I think I can call my first friend: SD (or SG as I remember her pre-marriage days.)

But of course, she's a writer.

And the girl who I think I might have also verbally and emotionally picked on at times (I did have a come to Yahweh meeting with her at her house when we were little because of my reprehensible behavior). But we soldiered on, and after the birth of her first son a little less than a year ago, really reconnected. It's been really awesome to tell you the truth!

And I have to say that her winning is purely based on creativity and applicability...I'm not sure my blog giveaway could make up for stepping on a foot let alone not being a great friend back in elementary school.

So what's the prize you ask??

A hand knit ELEFANTE!! My knitting repertoire is limited, but I have made a few of these guys now, and love them. I hope your son can enjoy one now! (I may throw in a hat, too). I have some great self-striping yarn, so it will not look exactly like this (and the colors are erring on the side of x chromosome)

There you have it.

Felix and his tortellini.

Love it.

And yes...there is still an official giveaway brewing. Hold your haunches...we are all sporting temps of over 100 these days.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Do the Diaper Mourn

Dear Diapers,

First, know that I will always love you. And to the 6 sueded ones, even though I always opted for a fleece one over you, just know I never meant to treat you as a 2nd class citizen.

My boys' bums were never as cute, or "genius" as when they were protected by you.

But the sad truth is:
  1. My boys have peanut butter poop, and the spatula method is getting old. (If you are a cloth diaperer with children whose poops do NOT roll off the diaper, you know exactly what I mean.)
  2. My boys are both still in diapers...and 2T-3T stuff just isn't made for big cloth diapers. I've given up on potty training for now, and given up on a diaper free house for at least a decade...or until Mommy and Daddy qualify for adult diapers.
  3. I'm overwhelmed with laundry. I need my weekends back a bit, k?
  4. I readily admit I'm not the eco-warrior I once had aspirations to be.
You've been fun, cute, and there is nothing more satisfying than watching the sun magically eliminate any notion that poop was ever in contact with your soft cloth! (Can I get an Amen from you CDers?) And even though I will not get rid of your elders in case there is a less than 6 month bum in this house again (my beloved organic prefolds for little babies), it's not because I don't love you. It's because the prefolds would be used during something called "maternity leave" and laundry may just get done more regularly.

I'm looking really hard to find you a new home. Although, I cannot promise two cuter bums (but I bet I can promise less sticky poo!)

Yours Truly,

*This really has been a hard decision for me. I've debated and debated, and finally buckled under my own pressure. I know some of you will argue that it is far easier to CD than it is to use sposies, but you don't have my schedule, my children's digestive tracks, nor do you have to do my laundry all week long. It was easier for a time, and now it most certainly is not. I feel a supreme sense of guilt for stopping (and hate that our shipments of cases of 7th generation 'sposies is now increasing!) But this year is about cutting myself some slack. And as my friend at work said, just because you don't cloth diaper doesn't make you a bad mom, or one who doesn't care about the planet.

The timing seemed right, too, because the cloth diapering (CD) landscape is growing at fever pitch. Every day there seems to be a new version, or a new brand of cloth diapers. When I started, it seemed like there were only a handful. At $18 a pop, and not a lot of options, I knew I would get a great ROI...but with the surge in CD popularity, I realize that my return is steadily decreasing. So, jump while the iron is hot, no?

So, they are up for sale on Craigslist, but if any reader out there is interested, let me know. $120 for the whole lot--I'll even throw in shipping. I don't think I can sell piecemeal. It would be too painful. Yup. 6 sueded, 6 fleece all one size with both regular and infant inserts. Hoop/loop closure. Great condition. And I'm throwing in 2 muslin liners (for when you need to use diaper cream and don't want to ruin the surface), a Fuzzi Bunz with 2 inserts (didn't like snap closures at all), and a large wet bag with orange scented discs for masking odor in diaper pails. Smoke-free, pet-free home of course. Only washed in Planet detergent, and sometimes with a squirt or two of Bac Out. Never any fabric softener.

Truly, this is like putting up a child (or 12) for adoption.

I can only hope for another loving family to take these rug rats in...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kiss me, I'm not Irish

Welcome to 7:30am on St Patty's Day. What--you don't play the recorder and sweep the fireplace before 8am? (yes, that is a fireplace brush in Felix's grip)
I attempted the green oatmeal to rave reviews from the peanut gallery, and I tried to pull out green clothes for the family to sport to school.

I'm not Irish. Maybe that's why my one son looks more like a bum itching for an old Target shopping cart to push around the streets of downtown Atlanta. And at 7:30am in the morning, there is no chance of capturing good pictures of my family.

I've got one who flutes with Felix's new International Recorder (read: the most annoying sound when your children do not know how to play more than 1 note) he got from Daddy's European adventure.

And the other who apparently finds no sense of delight in my mixture of patterns and fabrics. (Who said madras and courdoroy don't mesh?)

Perhaps I was hoping the outfit would detract from his collar that would be administered later in the day.

Wait--you still call it a collar?

The contest is still on! We've received tons of suggestions, and Eric and I are narrowing it down to our favorite.

And yes. I will be giving something away to the winner. But it will probably be determined by who the winner is...think of it as custom giving.

And just to get you even more excited, this spirit of giving has gotten the best of me, and I think soon it is time to have an OFFICIAL giveaway. Like, the kind you drop your name in the hat to get some artsy fartsy item.

Oh,'s coming.

In the words of Tony, "somethin's comin' i don't know, what it is, but it is, gonna be GREAT!"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embrace the Camera!

Every Thursday I have an “aw, shucks!” moment when I realize I’ve missed another opportunity to “Embrace the Camera.”

But this Thursday, I’m buckling down, posting ridiculous, unedited pictures of me and one of my boy-eze, and letting you bathe in some Heintz family “sillies.” 

2 peas in a pod, I tell ya.  Me and Mr Miles.

Last night I walked into Miles’s room after putting Felix down, and Miles flew into my arms from Daddy’s lap.

Eric: “Your children ADORE you.”

In that moment, you could have offered me the option of either a 100 million dollar check or the promise of that memory being etched into my emotional fabric—resistant to future dementia and memory decay, with the assurance of being able to access that “moment” for all eternity, and I would have easily shred the check. (Okay, I won’t lie…I might hesitate for a minute…smell the fresh ink on a check that large…and then rip up a future filled with financial security. Mortgages and college educations are powerful persuaders. Just not more powerful than love, thankfully.)
Knowing your love you is priceless. You know—like the end of those old Mastercard commercials:

-quarterly pediatrician co-pays for the pukes, viruses, cooties, and well visits: $150

-weekly grocery bills: $100+ dollars

-monthly childcare expenses: $1800+ dollars

-knowing your children adore you: priceless!

In my youth, I prayed for a lot of superficial things

Please God. If you don't let lightning strike me as I dart back from the bus stop to my house, I'll do anything for you.

Please God. If you give me the lead in this play, I'll never leave my homework until last minute. I'll never tell white lies, and I won't pop zits. (As if the latter were right up there with "thou shall not kill.")

But one of the embarassing standards during the hormonal storm time I call middle school was:

Please God. If you could just have (insert squeaky voiced boy I idolized) think I'm cute, and maybe even ask me to dance during Stairway to Heaven with the promise of a totally awkward kiss before the music gets too fast...I'll do anything for you. I just want to be "that" girl.

The quest for "adoration" hit fever pitch in middle school. Although I had my fair share of boyfriends, I never fulfilled what I thought was this burning desire to be pined for--to be "that" girl (the role was taken by one of my amazing best friends, RS...who happens to still be one of my amazing best friends!).

Not until I was a wife and mother did I realize what being "adored" really meant.

Living in a home with 3 males who love me unconditionally, trust me, confide in me, and show me how to accept myself amid all of my essential faults, is the most fulfilling aspect of my life. I admit it. I own it. I use that feeling to carry me through challenging days. Call me cocky, but I feel no greater purpose than when I am the recipient of the butterfly kisses (or as I call, conjunctivitis kisses), hugs, sloppy wet mouthed toddler smooches, hair stroking, face poking, cuddles, snuggles, and adoration I get from the boys in my house.

It's not a testament to how great I am, but how completely I am able to love, and be loved.

And despite popular sentiment, it's not as simple as it seems, but when you feel the intensity of love's reciprocity, life just makes sense.

THAT is something worth embracing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"High Dry Christmas Eve!"

Along with the Miles's mysterious "Julie/Judy" girlfriend, he also loves to sing a song of unknown origin. (See below sideways phone video--just consider it sensitivity training for those with torticollis. I guess that's how Felix sees the world when not "collared.") The words? Simple--"High, dry, Christmas eve!"

Um, okay. We have no idea what it means, where he came up with it, but he sings it quite oftten. It's usually a precursor to him singing happy birthday. As you can see, Miles is making rag and Mardi Gras bead birthday waffles for his "three and two and three" birthday.

Yeah, he also peed and root-a-toot-tooted machine gun style for your entertainment (at least he excused himself).

Other non-videoed gem of the day:

(Miles in response to me asking him who at his school is pregnant--he loves to her stories, or as he calls them "songs," about babies and pregnancy):

Miles: "Ms J, is having a baby" (Ms J. is his lead teacher who has kids in high school/college and is NOT pregnant).
Me: "Oh, really? Is she having a boy or a girl?"
Miles: "A girl"
Me: "What is she going to name the baby girl?"
Miles: "His name is doggy."

Note to the masses--do not consult with my first born son when brainstorming baby names. Or identifying gender. 

Days like today keep me smiling.

Simplicity folks.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Name that TOT Collar!

The day has arrived.

We've succumbed to the "TOT Collar".

I got over bi-weekly PT.

I even thought the kinesio tape was kind of bad a$$.

But Felix just rocked that head tilt all the way to a prescription for a TOT Collar.

What is a TOT Collar you ask?

(do you think the sticker at PT was any consolation for him? Especially since we put it on his back. Might as well applied a sticker that said "despite the collar, I'm really not a dog.")

According to the literature we came home with today at PT:

"The TOT Collar is designed to provide a noxious stimulus to the lateral aspect of the skull...."

I got to "noxious stimulus" and the rest of the paragraph could have been written in Chinese. It kind of reminds me of tracheostomy button...not nearly as bad in terms of originating health problem, but the collar almost looks more medieval torture device than a trach button.

The final fitting went swimmingly. He was a champ and really didn't fuss at all. And I didn't cry. In fact, I even managed to make a joke about potentially "bedazzling" the damn thing (suggestion from my friend Jen).

He will wear it for at least 3 months as much as possible, except for bath, nighttime, naps, and eating. Awesome.

Until I figure out how to adorn the collar with jewels, spikes, or dangling charms, we need a new name STAT.

I cannot handle calling it a collar.

So, friends--Name That TOT Collar! Winner gets a prize.

Hey, it's my first official giveaway!

Except I'm not quite sure what it is, yet. (It may be a TOT Collar if Felix rips his off and refuses to wear it.)

We've done night splints, full leg casts, and now a (fill in the blank with a cool name for the noxious stimulating device Felix now wears).

I'm serious. I'm starting a medical modeling agency--southeast toddler division.

I smell a TLC series. (too bad I don't have cable.) 

To start, the "Burmese Giraffe Necked Women" name has already been taken.

I tell you. My boys are champs...