Saturday, March 19, 2011

Do the Diaper Mourn

Dear Diapers,

First, know that I will always love you. And to the 6 sueded ones, even though I always opted for a fleece one over you, just know I never meant to treat you as a 2nd class citizen.

My boys' bums were never as cute, or "genius" as when they were protected by you.

But the sad truth is:
  1. My boys have peanut butter poop, and the spatula method is getting old. (If you are a cloth diaperer with children whose poops do NOT roll off the diaper, you know exactly what I mean.)
  2. My boys are both still in diapers...and 2T-3T stuff just isn't made for big cloth diapers. I've given up on potty training for now, and given up on a diaper free house for at least a decade...or until Mommy and Daddy qualify for adult diapers.
  3. I'm overwhelmed with laundry. I need my weekends back a bit, k?
  4. I readily admit I'm not the eco-warrior I once had aspirations to be.
You've been fun, cute, and there is nothing more satisfying than watching the sun magically eliminate any notion that poop was ever in contact with your soft cloth! (Can I get an Amen from you CDers?) And even though I will not get rid of your elders in case there is a less than 6 month bum in this house again (my beloved organic prefolds for little babies), it's not because I don't love you. It's because the prefolds would be used during something called "maternity leave" and laundry may just get done more regularly.

I'm looking really hard to find you a new home. Although, I cannot promise two cuter bums (but I bet I can promise less sticky poo!)

Yours Truly,

*This really has been a hard decision for me. I've debated and debated, and finally buckled under my own pressure. I know some of you will argue that it is far easier to CD than it is to use sposies, but you don't have my schedule, my children's digestive tracks, nor do you have to do my laundry all week long. It was easier for a time, and now it most certainly is not. I feel a supreme sense of guilt for stopping (and hate that our shipments of cases of 7th generation 'sposies is now increasing!) But this year is about cutting myself some slack. And as my friend at work said, just because you don't cloth diaper doesn't make you a bad mom, or one who doesn't care about the planet.

The timing seemed right, too, because the cloth diapering (CD) landscape is growing at fever pitch. Every day there seems to be a new version, or a new brand of cloth diapers. When I started, it seemed like there were only a handful. At $18 a pop, and not a lot of options, I knew I would get a great ROI...but with the surge in CD popularity, I realize that my return is steadily decreasing. So, jump while the iron is hot, no?

So, they are up for sale on Craigslist, but if any reader out there is interested, let me know. $120 for the whole lot--I'll even throw in shipping. I don't think I can sell piecemeal. It would be too painful. Yup. 6 sueded, 6 fleece all one size with both regular and infant inserts. Hoop/loop closure. Great condition. And I'm throwing in 2 muslin liners (for when you need to use diaper cream and don't want to ruin the surface), a Fuzzi Bunz with 2 inserts (didn't like snap closures at all), and a large wet bag with orange scented discs for masking odor in diaper pails. Smoke-free, pet-free home of course. Only washed in Planet detergent, and sometimes with a squirt or two of Bac Out. Never any fabric softener.

Truly, this is like putting up a child (or 12) for adoption.

I can only hope for another loving family to take these rug rats in...


  1. I packed up our cloth diapers too. EJ has man poop and it makes me gag. I plan to drag them back out with Jack arrival but EJ's days of cding are sooo over. It was a sad and expensive day but Momma can't do it anymore :)

  2. Oh man. A momma needs to do what a momma needs to do. I support you :P I'm even thinking communication elimination! I cannot even imagine the diapers one kiddo goes through, let alone two!

  3. WOW! I had planned on CDing with baby #2 (surprise!), but just seeing all that gear on your table made me break out in hives! Congrats on letting them go...I'm sure you could really use the extra time (and energy) :0)

  4. You have to do what works for you. I give you credit for doing this for nearly 3 years while I've been adding disposables to the landfills! The cloth ones are super cute, but I agree that time with your kids is more valuable.