Thursday, March 24, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Mahna Style

Embrace the camera 2 weeks in a row, girl? I'm getting almost, gulp, reliable again! It's only been, what, 2 years or so?

Today's entry is a picture of Miles and Mahna. It's a moment that just tickles me. I can *hear* and *feel* my mom's joy. Unstaged, and unfortuantely one of the only pictures I took while my mom was my surrogate husband for a week while Eric was in Europe.

Those 2 have quite the bond.

We should be back to regularly scheduled programming soon. The family continues with the bubonic plague (enough decades have passed to make that funny, right?) I still have a temperature of almost 102 and my skin hurts to the touch. Felix had a temp of 103.5 yesterday, puked twice on his own phlegm (first time I've seen him actually unload like that. And you guessed it. Like every time with Miles, it landed right on me. And Eric was no where to be found.). I was fooled into thinking we were on the other end of the sickness when he posted a 99 upon waking, but right before nap #2.5, his temp was 102.7. So I'm home from work again today, trying my best to be the caretaker when I just want to crawl up into a ball, take a nap, and open my eyes to find my Mom magically back from New England, with fresh baked Andes Mint cookies on a plate and a big hug. Yeah, I still want my mom when I am sick. I admit it. But rule #13 of being a Mom--you are not allowed to get sick. And if you do, guess what, your babies and toddlers don't care (read: understand.) Here's hoping to a healthy weekend!

In other news, SD's Elefante's legs are complete; I just need to stuff them with organic cotton balls. What is interesting, is that they actual fit onto Felix's stuffed elephant--hello leg warmers! I staged a little circus elephant photoshoot for your pleasure. (Excuse my phone's poor camera quality in pic above)  I've decided to name this new elefante "Tortellini" (of course.) Once I feel better, I'll start on the body. No need to purl in a fever of 101.9 into the stuffed Elefante.

And drum roll please, the official giveaway is coming tomorrow! (Barring any more projectile watered down Gatorade and phlegm puke coating my body. Mucus is a good exfoliant though, right?!?!?)


  1. I cannot tell you how much I wish I could be there to help. It is impossible to be a mother and be able to take care of oneself when one is sick. I would make you Ande's Mint cookies in a second (did the Lumberjacks for Nicholas and Tracey last week...). I keep praying that you will all get better soon, soon, soon, and I promise to bake mint cookies when you are here in April.
    I love you all so much!

  2. That is a really cute photo. Happy Embrace the camera day!