Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embrace the Camera!

Every Thursday I have an “aw, shucks!” moment when I realize I’ve missed another opportunity to “Embrace the Camera.”

But this Thursday, I’m buckling down, posting ridiculous, unedited pictures of me and one of my boy-eze, and letting you bathe in some Heintz family “sillies.” 

2 peas in a pod, I tell ya.  Me and Mr Miles.

Last night I walked into Miles’s room after putting Felix down, and Miles flew into my arms from Daddy’s lap.

Eric: “Your children ADORE you.”

In that moment, you could have offered me the option of either a 100 million dollar check or the promise of that memory being etched into my emotional fabric—resistant to future dementia and memory decay, with the assurance of being able to access that “moment” for all eternity, and I would have easily shred the check. (Okay, I won’t lie…I might hesitate for a minute…smell the fresh ink on a check that large…and then rip up a future filled with financial security. Mortgages and college educations are powerful persuaders. Just not more powerful than love, thankfully.)
Knowing your love you is priceless. You know—like the end of those old Mastercard commercials:

-quarterly pediatrician co-pays for the pukes, viruses, cooties, and well visits: $150

-weekly grocery bills: $100+ dollars

-monthly childcare expenses: $1800+ dollars

-knowing your children adore you: priceless!

In my youth, I prayed for a lot of superficial things

Please God. If you don't let lightning strike me as I dart back from the bus stop to my house, I'll do anything for you.

Please God. If you give me the lead in this play, I'll never leave my homework until last minute. I'll never tell white lies, and I won't pop zits. (As if the latter were right up there with "thou shall not kill.")

But one of the embarassing standards during the hormonal storm time I call middle school was:

Please God. If you could just have (insert squeaky voiced boy I idolized) think I'm cute, and maybe even ask me to dance during Stairway to Heaven with the promise of a totally awkward kiss before the music gets too fast...I'll do anything for you. I just want to be "that" girl.

The quest for "adoration" hit fever pitch in middle school. Although I had my fair share of boyfriends, I never fulfilled what I thought was this burning desire to be pined for--to be "that" girl (the role was taken by one of my amazing best friends, RS...who happens to still be one of my amazing best friends!).

Not until I was a wife and mother did I realize what being "adored" really meant.

Living in a home with 3 males who love me unconditionally, trust me, confide in me, and show me how to accept myself amid all of my essential faults, is the most fulfilling aspect of my life. I admit it. I own it. I use that feeling to carry me through challenging days. Call me cocky, but I feel no greater purpose than when I am the recipient of the butterfly kisses (or as I call, conjunctivitis kisses), hugs, sloppy wet mouthed toddler smooches, hair stroking, face poking, cuddles, snuggles, and adoration I get from the boys in my house.

It's not a testament to how great I am, but how completely I am able to love, and be loved.

And despite popular sentiment, it's not as simple as it seems, but when you feel the intensity of love's reciprocity, life just makes sense.

THAT is something worth embracing.


  1. what cute pictures. It is lovely to be adored.

  2. love the pictures. There's just something about that unconditional love!

  3. oh, i love your words. so glad i stopped by :)

    and glad you embraced with us!

  4. this is such a cute bunch of photos-

    i am following you and i would appreciate it if you would follow me as well- thanks!

  5. Oh, Ali, you are so lucky! While I know T. loves me, there is no one around to see it and acknowledge it. Don't ever forget how blessed you are!