Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Google Voice hilarity

First, SD's Elefante has been started! I might have to update the blog with progress pictures as it will keep me honest (and completing it before her infant takes his SATs). I also got my supplies for the official giveaway! I am still thinking about the actual giveaway blog text, so let's hope my children get better quickly so I can spend my morning commute crafting the blog entry in my head (it's there or the shower). 

I still have a sick ward at my house. Everyone but Eric has temperatures, and with this gorgeous weather, feeling cooped up has never been so painful. But to lighten the mood, I had to share today's funny--brought to you by Google Voice and Miles.

I have Google Voice, which is basically my phone's messaging service. The reason I like it is that it sends me both a text and an e-mail of my voicemail--transcribed! I can see it written, and have the option to actually play the message from my computer. (I also get the traditional phone message.) This is perfect for checking voicemail during meetings if necessary without having to answer my phone. (e.g. if my kids are sick at home, and I see Eric has left me a message during an ever important meeting about a meeting about a meeting at my office.)  But sometimes the transcription is way off.

Today's message from Miles read in my e-mail:

Hey, Hi Kate, you know that. Let me know what we were. They open season on. Also online and I hope you feel very mon calling on the way, I got used a while. Hi Gary, Alright, will, okay bye bye. Guest.

Parentheses are Eric's words.

"Hi Mommy! (say I love you Mommy) I wuve you Mommy. (say I hope to see you soon Mommy) I  see you soon Mommy. (I hope you feel better Mommy) Feel better Mommy. (say sorry I got you sick). Har-ee I got you sick. (Say sorry) I har-ee. (bye-bye) Bye Bye!


  1. oh yeah, i use GV too. love the funny transcriptions!

  2. It is cute even before the gmail translation. Feel better soon, all of you.