Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"High Dry Christmas Eve!"

Along with the Miles's mysterious "Julie/Judy" girlfriend, he also loves to sing a song of unknown origin. (See below sideways phone video--just consider it sensitivity training for those with torticollis. I guess that's how Felix sees the world when not "collared.") The words? Simple--"High, dry, Christmas eve!"

Um, okay. We have no idea what it means, where he came up with it, but he sings it quite oftten. It's usually a precursor to him singing happy birthday. As you can see, Miles is making rag and Mardi Gras bead birthday waffles for his "three and two and three" birthday.

Yeah, he also peed and root-a-toot-tooted machine gun style for your entertainment (at least he excused himself).

Other non-videoed gem of the day:

(Miles in response to me asking him who at his school is pregnant--he loves to her stories, or as he calls them "songs," about babies and pregnancy):

Miles: "Ms J, is having a baby" (Ms J. is his lead teacher who has kids in high school/college and is NOT pregnant).
Me: "Oh, really? Is she having a boy or a girl?"
Miles: "A girl"
Me: "What is she going to name the baby girl?"
Miles: "His name is doggy."

Note to the masses--do not consult with my first born son when brainstorming baby names. Or identifying gender. 

Days like today keep me smiling.

Simplicity folks.

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