Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just another random Wednesday

  1. I love lists. I love crossing things off of lists.
  2. Sell diapers: check! A first time mom, who was no bigger than a minute at 14 weeks adopted my stash. She's all water-birthing, delayed cord clamping, crunchy granola mom who was so darn cute and excited about cloth diapers. But I won't lie; putting my huge bag into her car was hard.
  3. Get kids healthy: check! What's better than 1 sinus infection? 2! And an ear infection. Miles relinquished his antibiotic "v-card" to amoxicillan. We almost made it to 3 years wtihout any abx. And Felix is on his favorite omniceph AND ear drops due to infected puss leaking out of his ear. (Too graphic?)
  4. Take time for myself: check! I am actually almost done with another rag wreath. I'm crazy, folks. Bat poop crazy about knotting fabric pieces.
  5. Figure out the donors of "random acts of zoo-ness" check! More on this later, but a few weeks ago, we finally found out who blessed us with another year's membership to the zoo.
  6. Wed my sons off to the cutest girl in town: check!
  7. Crack my cell phone's screen: check!
  8. Order a junior varsity "fix your own droid screen" kit from amazon for a mere $30 to avoid a $150 screen replacement fee on a phone you got from amazon beta for $80: check!
  9. Run around the house without pants on and a soggy diaper and look so darn cute you make your Mama's heart hurt: check!

Reminder, only a few more days for the Giveaway!


  1. A Grandmother's heart hurts with love, too. I don't know which is cuter, the couple holding hands or the other couple cruising in a military vehicle!
    I have been known to put items on my "to do" list as incidental brushing my teeth just to have something to cross off or to itemize something that I've already done if I am really desperate.
    Did the screen repair kit work?

  2. Uh oh! Now that is says, "whitty remarks", I'm suddenly feeling lots of pressure to say snarky, intelligent things... and spell witty correctly...

    This post was super cute!