Friday, March 18, 2011

Kiss me, I'm not Irish

Welcome to 7:30am on St Patty's Day. What--you don't play the recorder and sweep the fireplace before 8am? (yes, that is a fireplace brush in Felix's grip)
I attempted the green oatmeal to rave reviews from the peanut gallery, and I tried to pull out green clothes for the family to sport to school.

I'm not Irish. Maybe that's why my one son looks more like a bum itching for an old Target shopping cart to push around the streets of downtown Atlanta. And at 7:30am in the morning, there is no chance of capturing good pictures of my family.

I've got one who flutes with Felix's new International Recorder (read: the most annoying sound when your children do not know how to play more than 1 note) he got from Daddy's European adventure.

And the other who apparently finds no sense of delight in my mixture of patterns and fabrics. (Who said madras and courdoroy don't mesh?)

Perhaps I was hoping the outfit would detract from his collar that would be administered later in the day.

Wait--you still call it a collar?

The contest is still on! We've received tons of suggestions, and Eric and I are narrowing it down to our favorite.

And yes. I will be giving something away to the winner. But it will probably be determined by who the winner is...think of it as custom giving.

And just to get you even more excited, this spirit of giving has gotten the best of me, and I think soon it is time to have an OFFICIAL giveaway. Like, the kind you drop your name in the hat to get some artsy fartsy item.

Oh,'s coming.

In the words of Tony, "somethin's comin' i don't know, what it is, but it is, gonna be GREAT!"


  1. What kind of camera do you have? I'm in the market for a decent one, and I love the quality of the pictures you put up. (Maybe it's just those super cute boys who are in them all the time...)

  2. oh my gah. i love the outfit! i'm a big fan of "eclectic" outfits and madras plaid. and corduroy on little boys. so that's about my favorite outfit ever.

    i tried to think of a name for the collar, i just couldn't. dang.