Friday, March 11, 2011

Name that TOT Collar!

The day has arrived.

We've succumbed to the "TOT Collar".

I got over bi-weekly PT.

I even thought the kinesio tape was kind of bad a$$.

But Felix just rocked that head tilt all the way to a prescription for a TOT Collar.

What is a TOT Collar you ask?

(do you think the sticker at PT was any consolation for him? Especially since we put it on his back. Might as well applied a sticker that said "despite the collar, I'm really not a dog.")

According to the literature we came home with today at PT:

"The TOT Collar is designed to provide a noxious stimulus to the lateral aspect of the skull...."

I got to "noxious stimulus" and the rest of the paragraph could have been written in Chinese. It kind of reminds me of tracheostomy button...not nearly as bad in terms of originating health problem, but the collar almost looks more medieval torture device than a trach button.

The final fitting went swimmingly. He was a champ and really didn't fuss at all. And I didn't cry. In fact, I even managed to make a joke about potentially "bedazzling" the damn thing (suggestion from my friend Jen).

He will wear it for at least 3 months as much as possible, except for bath, nighttime, naps, and eating. Awesome.

Until I figure out how to adorn the collar with jewels, spikes, or dangling charms, we need a new name STAT.

I cannot handle calling it a collar.

So, friends--Name That TOT Collar! Winner gets a prize.

Hey, it's my first official giveaway!

Except I'm not quite sure what it is, yet. (It may be a TOT Collar if Felix rips his off and refuses to wear it.)

We've done night splints, full leg casts, and now a (fill in the blank with a cool name for the noxious stimulating device Felix now wears).

I'm serious. I'm starting a medical modeling agency--southeast toddler division.

I smell a TLC series. (too bad I don't have cable.) 

To start, the "Burmese Giraffe Necked Women" name has already been taken.

I tell you. My boys are champs...


  1. I think it's along the line of ice or bling.
    BTW, I need one of those, but it's probably too late.

  2. You could start calling Felix F-dog and refer to that as his bling-bling.

    Or you could call it the Turtle (b/c torticollis reminds me of tortoise).

    Or how about wampum?

    Or our most used names for various 'guys' are Fred, Ollie, and Plubee.

  3. Need to put some thought into a new name. "L" will be home later and I'm sure she'll have lots of ideas. But had to say that is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen!

  4. I need one of those, too! I have a constant head tilt... but I didn't realize it was a problem or could be corrected!

    Hmmm, you could call it a glow stick that just lost its glow.
    neck brace??

  5. A suggestion from Opa is "Fixalater." A combination of Felix, fixing, and he'll be better later. Soon he'll be wearing sunglasses and saying "I'll be back." Grandma says "Cheetah",something artificial that aides in the holding of Feix's head in proper position.

  6. I like's very fun:)

    I'm going to suggest "lassie" because collar made me think of collie...and it would be easy to treat "Lassie" as a real being...a mber of them fam:)

  7. Nox?

    So sorry that he needs to wear that:( Good to hear that he didn't fuss too much. What a champ.

  8. My son has torticollis, and Googling TOT collars led me to your blog. Can I ask if it helped your son? I'm not looking forward to it, but obviously want to do whatever we need to do to help him.