Friday, March 4, 2011

Spreken zie deutsch?

It's apparently been rumored that I have gone into the witness protection program. But I'm baaack!

My absence is not intentional--life just gets in the way--and life (read: my boys) come first.

For all of you dry non-fiction types, over the next week I will be feeding your soul on the blog...our Mac is currently crossing the pond and will be traipsing through Germany and Prague as Eric chaperons his school's "Bearing Witness" Holocaust trip. I have literally no way of uploading photos to our online library as I was left with my work laptop, which is in serious need of a triple bypass. Don't expect the posts to have much pictoral meat, but I'll do my best to find some way to post an image or two soon.

It's going to be a hard week until he comes back.

There are 3 babies in this house now.

Pick up your jaw, I have been knighted the 3rd baby.

I miss Eric. I've never been away from him this long, and never felt as though I have no earthly idea how to get in touch with him. We hope to Skype a few times, but it will be interesting figuring out how to actually organize it.

I feel sorry for myself. Boo hoo.

I'm excited for this his opportunity, but also secretly wish he could spend his break relaxing and getting some QT with the boys.

It didn't help that on the way to Marta, he started crying that he was going to miss us. When men weep, you take note. (Unless it is that guy Mark from a previous season of the Biggest Loser who cried over everything, and you eventually started laughing when his eyes would well up in tears as he blubbered over the doughnut he ate that suffocated his soul in trans fat.) I paused when I looked over, and sure enough, he was crying saying "I'm going to miss you and the boys so much."


Luckily, there is still a legit Mom in the house as my mother flew down to pick my pathetic tail off of the floor, remind me to eat, and is keeping my house in running order...oh, and taking care of 2 of the cutest (and craziest) boys next week while their school is on break and I win the bread.

What makes it especially hard is that Eric will probably be touring a concentration camp on his 1 year anniversary of being cancer free. I had intentions of throwing some huge event--you know, like bake a cake in the shape of a tongue...hand out toothbrushes as party favors...but instead I will hope we can Skype, kiss my yellow Livestrong bracelet that has not left my body since the day I got it, and thank the universe that we are where we are 1 year later.

And in related news, apologies for not updating you all on the fetus in fetu. The ultrasound was pretty clear--it's not a girl...and it's not a boy! It's still a mysterious mass that almost looks tubular. Oh, and in the process, we identified something unrelated called a varicocele, which unless causing pain or infertility (nope and nope), we can just leave alone (and make ridiculous jokes about Eric having a varicose vein). FYI: Eric gave me carte blanche to discuss his fetus in fetu and varicose vein on the blog, as long as I promised no supporting pictures.
And so we asked his ENT oncologist if he thought it could be related. After a quick, "well, I'm not an expert in THAT area..." response we predicted, he said he didn't think it was anything to worry about. But he was not interested in palpating his junk, either. And so we got a referral to a dermatologist at the rec of Eric's primary. My friend MBMPHPA was instrumental in us finding a great MD,PhD who has some experience in derm oncology. Dr "Monotone" had zero personality, but Eric felt had exceptional assessment skills and knew what he was talking about. He told Eric that he thought it was potentially a cyst given it growing and shrinking, and said LEAVE IT ALONE--GO AND BE MERRY! Well, I am pretty sure Dr M doesn't know how to speak in all caps or use exclamation points in his inflection, but I'm making an inference on his "if it isn't bothering you, I wouldn't worry" emotionless proclamation. Although I wish that I had a concrete answer on what it is, I'm working on being okay with 3 professionals giving us permission to let it go.

This better not come back to bite us in the varicocele...

So Eric doesn't miss life with the boys too much, I thought I would use this time and space to write him letters in German while he is gone. Just kidding on the German part. But wouldn't that be cool?

We miss you! Miles keeps asking for you and saying that you are on a plane to Germany. He said he wants to go on a plane to visit Baby L, "like Daddy is on a plane to Germany to see big kids." I'm working on his understanding of the fact you are going with the big kids, not going to see big kids. (As if big kids are a tourist attraction over there in Deutschland)

The first thing Miles said when he got home was: "There's Daddy's car! Where's Daddy? Daddy on a plane? I want my Daddy. I want to Skype with Eric." Yup, apparently in Skype world, you go by your first name.

And Felix told me he misses you, too. Well, so maybe he just said "ball" and "bird" and threw blocks around all afternoon, but I'm pretty sure that means he misses you.

I hope you got some sleep on the plane ride. Not sure your decision to watch Schindler's List on the way over is going to give you particularly sweet dreams, but if nothing else, you deserve the opportunity to wake up without an alarm that sounds like Miles screaming for his mother.

And don't run on the streets. I know you are obsessed right now with your training plan, but stick to the treadmills. I hear you get heckled unless you run in lederhosen.

your girl

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  1. You gotta check in with big bro for German spelling (you obviously don't "Sprechen sie Deutsch" but I'll forgive you). I'm also sad that you missed an obvious John Boehner joke with the "taking note of men weeping except..."