Monday, March 21, 2011

Tot Collar re-name REVEAL (and quasi-giveaway)

We've had a blast culling through all of the great tot collar suggestions. Here were some front runners:

Tort Reform (courtesy of none other than my history loving husband)
Empire torte (our wedding "cake" and friend's business that is no longer! sad!)
Wampum (one of Mama Stacy's suggestions...what it means, I have no idea, but it rolls off of the tongue)
Plubee (ditto)
Felixilator or Fixelator
Hotty Totty
Rubber necker
Ann Boleyn
Mock tortle

and the winner is...

TORTELLINI!!! This gem was submitted by a woman/mom (wait--are we women already?) who I think I can call my first friend: SD (or SG as I remember her pre-marriage days.)

But of course, she's a writer.

And the girl who I think I might have also verbally and emotionally picked on at times (I did have a come to Yahweh meeting with her at her house when we were little because of my reprehensible behavior). But we soldiered on, and after the birth of her first son a little less than a year ago, really reconnected. It's been really awesome to tell you the truth!

And I have to say that her winning is purely based on creativity and applicability...I'm not sure my blog giveaway could make up for stepping on a foot let alone not being a great friend back in elementary school.

So what's the prize you ask??

A hand knit ELEFANTE!! My knitting repertoire is limited, but I have made a few of these guys now, and love them. I hope your son can enjoy one now! (I may throw in a hat, too). I have some great self-striping yarn, so it will not look exactly like this (and the colors are erring on the side of x chromosome)

There you have it.

Felix and his tortellini.

Love it.

And yes...there is still an official giveaway brewing. Hold your haunches...we are all sporting temps of over 100 these days.


  1. oh awesome! A handmade elefante!! I had to laugh, because of the Spanish influence in our house, we refer to all animals in Spanish, so the fact that you even called it an 'elefante' was great. I'm so excited! And I'm so glad we reconnected too! You are an awesome breastfeeding mentor and it's been so much fun getting to know you again.

  2. Sounds delicious!
    I remember you two best buds in nursery school...
    Congratulations, S.
    Feel better soon, Atlanta fever ridden peeps.