Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video post card for Daddy

I'm a little handicap not having my Mac as I expressed in my previous my video editing skills are limited at best. Meaning, I have more than one full length video that aren't trimmed and nicely packaged in one file. But these are just taped nuggets for Daddy, and I excuse you from watching, trusting I'll be back to my old ways in a week when Eric returns.

I hope these stream over in Germany.


We really miss you. Miles keeps thinking you'll be home when he wakes up from a nap. And when Mahna turns on her Mac that she brought, Felix says "Dada!" thinking we are going to Skype with you. I was happy that Mahna put on proverbial hoedown boots and took your place in our traditional Saturday night dosado to "powder milk biscuits" on Prairie Home Companion. The boys danced as hard as ever, but it's never the same without your knee slapping and swinging me around the kitchen.

Miles has apparently connected with his spiritual roots as he taught Mahna and me (yes, it's "me" not "I", you love when I correct your grammar! Kid!) a new song called "Amen!" I'm not sure where he learned it, but we got some footage of it below. And in your honor, we had to take all video sans pants. I wish I could say Miles in his underwear was an indication that we potty trained him while you left...but he's even farther from it than before. Luckily, he was strategic in his peeing on the pants, and it all landed on the mat under the high chairs during his post dinner run-around-the-table.

And you always say that Miles would prefer to run places rather than walk. True to form, we had some 50 yard dashes taped for your viewing pleasure, too.

Safe travels to Prague tomorrow. I hear they have good Amber (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

We miss you! (and remember, Gummy bears are apparently not candy...)

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  1. Love all the nuggets...I love to hear Miles talk. Daddy is going to just love these..Looks like mommy and Mahna are getting a real work-out..