Thursday, April 14, 2011

Embrace the Camera: vintage preemie

As Miles's 3rd birthday approaches, I have been pouring over old photos to (finally) create his year by year photo books. I am also hoping to create one of those fun videos montages. I have no earthly idea how to do it, but that's what Google and Macs are for.

And then I realized all of the "Embrace the Camera" moments of my Miles's first year. 
They are different from current moments.
And sometimes scary (when you are dealing with a 4lb baby)

And when do they all of a sudden become little people who only snuggle on your chest at night?
Or when they are sick.
(Perhaps it's a good thing we have had our fair share of sickness--more snuggles--that's making spiked lemonade out of lemons I say)

I *miss* these moments. 
But I can still feel them.
Emotionally EMBRACE them.
Even smell them.
And hope that the more I look back, the more burned into my heart they become.

Miles--May 2008

And not to leave our second preemie miracle out, my favorite Daddy and Felix photo from his birth


  1. Amazing and adorable pictures :)

  2. It's amazing to see looking back at how you can totally see who each of them will become - both tiny but each his own little person.
    Be aware that "kid" time accelerates as they grow. You're wise to treasure each time in their lives. Before you know it you will be posting on their adult blogs or whatever means of communication there will be at that point.

  3. they were both so tiny. Beautiful pictures.

  4. LOVE your pictures!!! SO little!! Beautiful pictures and memories!

  5. i want these sorts of moments burned on my heart, too.
    How precious are those sleeping pictures?!! Beautiful.

  6. Sweet treasures! Thanks for sharing them.