Friday, April 1, 2011

Giveaway REVEAL

I had 14 total entries on my giveaway. (Minus Mahna's/my Mom's entry.) Not too shabby! I loved reading everyone's self-promises, and wanted to re-post them to make remind you all of what you have accomplished...or make you feel accountable. (I know at least 2 of you have followed through!)
  1. My plan for adding back some happy is to sing. I'm going to pick up the guitar, and learn some new songs to sing. It might be fun to record them too. 
  2. I'd like to commit to taking an hour-long walk/run in my neighborhood or nearby park. I haven't made time to exercise because I want everything else to be done first...but we all know that is impossible!So, for my health and the health of the new bean I will use the extra daylight savings hour to work up a sweat...and if I don't make it the entire hour, I'll hop in the car and drive to McDonald's for a $1 hot fudge sundae...mmmmm! 
  3. I am going to go for a run BY MYSELF. No baby stroller. The thought makes me nervous just writing it. 
  4. I'd like to do a couple of things. One I'd like to commit to 5 minutes of silence every day. Just 5 minutes. But every day. Secondly, I've been dreaming of having a lovely lunch outside in this glorious, short-lived spring weather with a book and the chirping birds around me. Fresh air, sunshine and lots of sunscreen of course. 
  5. I'm going to take out the toddler tunes cd and listen to the radio really loud... and drink a tea that's just for me!! 
  6. Ok, ok...I am going to drink 5 pints of beer and smoke a thousand cigarettes J, that is a public health nightmare, but I love you dearly...and Lindsay, Hyatt Baker, and Lambrini.
  7. I commit to do a full yoga practice (not the 20 minutes I can sometimes fit in after the kids go to bed) this week. 
  8. This week I will actually exercise...and pushing the stroller or carrying Oliver around can't count. At least one myself...for me:) 
  9. I am going to get the hell outta town this weekend...and we're not coming back until TUESDAY. That's right, not only are we leaving kitty behind, but I'm evening running the risk of another disaster day with a substitute where I could be picking up the pieces for another two weeks. 
  10. i'm committing to write for an hour this week, just for fun. :) 
  11. I will stop at the gym to inquire about renewing my membership so I can get back in shape. I've been trying to get there for weeks now. 
  12. I too will jump on the exercise bandwagon and commit to taking a group class at the gym this week. 
  13. This week I am choosing to take the time to get myself better! 
  14. What I need to do is start using the Wii Fit plus I bought a few weeks back, in the hopes it would help my back. But it remains unused. I haven't been able to exercise in so long, I think it would be good for me, I just have this mental block about it. So I need to 

And the winner is...(insert blogger drum roll....)


Here is my "verification authentication explanation." Yeah, I just made that up. But it sounds official, no?

Excel nerds U-N-I-T-E! I'm in the business of pretending I don't have a BA in English and MPH in Behavioral Science, and somehow have become the Director of Excel charts and graphs at my current company. (Okay, so that isn't what my business card says, but it might as well.) Every time someone asks me for Excel calculation/manipulation help, I chuckle and wonder what people would think if they knew my academic concentrations in undergrad and grad school.  But secretly, I aim to be an Excel "power user." VLOOKUP? Call her my Microsoft Office best friend. Ask Eric's running calculator spreadsheets.

Randomly selecting a winner of my first official giveaway wasn't too nerdy. I just listed everyone's entries into a spreadsheet and assigned each a number in order of response (first response was #1, second #2, etc). Then I used the function RANDBETWEEN to randomly select a number between 1 and 14 (the # of entries).

Voila. Number 4 is the winner! (Proof in the screen shot above so you don't think I rigged this or anything.)

Oh, I am tickled that #4 won. Granted, with each entry, I would think "ooo! I hope s/he wins!" But #4--you have proven that whole "will it to happen" theory. And only a few will understand, but I feel like winning happened during a great week for you--sometimes the universe treats us well, no? Now you can breathe a little, and I hope you have given yourself 5 minutes of silence a day. (If not, I will send adoption papers over to A.S.'s house.) Keep an eye out for the wreath hitting your doorstep. :)

This was fun, everyone! Thanks for playing...who knows...maybe we'll do another giveaway in a few months?


  1. Congratulations #4! I was wondering how you were ever going to choose among all the worthy and moving aspirations. Random is wonderful. I hope he/she will send a picture of the wreath on the door (as cute as it was on Miles' neck).

  2. I must grudgingly concede that #4 is a worthy winner. But I'm still bummed. ;)

  3. "#4", I know where you live... hide the wreath!
    xo, Amber. :)

  4. I'm an excel nerd too! But I didn't know about RANDBETWEEN. That one's cool! Now I can wow my other excel nerd co-workers with it. Thanks!

  5. What if my remarks aren't witty....

  6. Congrats, #4! I often give myself "time outs" in bed, with the covers over my head, in the complete darkness. It's bliss. A personal sensory deprivation tank. Go and get yours!!!!