Wednesday, April 6, 2011

May I introduce you to the newest Elefante: Tortellini!

I finally finished "Tortellini" the Elefante for my friend SD. (She is the one who won the "name Felix's torticollis collar" contest.)

And threw in a hat as well. Both of the boys test drove the items (not when they were sick, though!), and gave their stamp of approval. My husband may have tried on the hat, too. Boys...
I'm on to yet another "Tortellini" Elefante for Felix's PT therapist Sarah. Next week is our last week with her as she is about to pop out baby #1. And our great PT student who helped since January has gone back to Vermont to graduate or something silly like that. I'm not sure who the replacement will be, but I know Felix will be sad not to see Sarah anymore. (As much as we will miss Sarah, here's hoping his tort resolves before Sarah comes back after maternity leave!) I am actually brainstorming a way to knit a tot collar and attach to her Elefante.

Oh, and one of these days I should probably make one for my own kids, huh...

(Elefante pattern found here. It's a little wonky in places, but I think makes the cutest little knit lovey.)


  1. Boy! I love the modern looking pattern on the hat achieved with the new yarn, and the Elephante with the variegated yarn looks good, too. I would think that a Tot collar for your PT's baby's Elephante could be created using plastic straw pieces, twist ties and tape. I can picture it now...
    I assume you all survived the awful storms that ravaged the south recently.

  2. That hat is SO cute! Makes me wish my knitting had progressed beyond squares.

  3. awwww! I'm so excited! Reading that post made me smile.