Sunday, April 3, 2011

Random acts of Zoo-ness uncovered!


So here is my second blog/virtual belated thank you note. (I get three strikes, right?)

Remember a few weeks ago we got a mysterious package with a stuffed tiger and a family's year membership to the Atlanta Zoo? We had NO idea who the generous "giver" was, and couldn't believe the timing...a year previous, my friend from grad school (Silky!) gave our family a year's membership to the Zoo as part of this huge group gift giving from my grad school friends during Eric's cancer days. The membership was going to expire at the end of March, and we were going to renew because the Atlanta Zoo is just great (and no Egyptian cobra escapees at this time.)

And then a package came.

And Miles became obsessed with the stuffed tiger he named "Go Go."

And then Mama Stacy kindly e-mailed me after I put a request out on the blog for the recipient to reveal him or herself, to say that her family had been responsible.

Golly, gee! I didn't know what we had done to deserve this (coming from one of the most deserving families out there), and really felt kinda weepy about the generosity!

Mama Stacy and I went to High School together--she a year ahead of me. If there is one word to describe Stacy both then and now, it's bubbly. Okay, and I would throw in there optimistic and undeniably resilient. And the kind of "cute" that I used to covet--sure, I was appreciative of the one time someone said "you are so elegant." But deep down, I just wanted to be "cute."

I don't want to abandon blog "netiquette" and delve deep into someone else's personal journeys, but I hope it is okay for me to mention that Stacy is another preemie Mommy warrior who withstood a long journey in the NICU with her son well outside her home state due to a very early and unexpected delivery while on vacation. Her courage, her devotion, heart (and her truly enviable milk supply), were and is so admirable. I feel like we developed a special relationship during our years as mothers that I hope will last for years.

She's great. Her kids are amazing, and every time we go to the Zoo this year, I'll think how awesome they all are...and hope one day we can meet up in person.

We were lucky and got to go to the Zoo with CD and Miles's future wife SD on one of the most beautiful weekends of the year.

Thank you Mama Stacy! We had such a lovely time, and cannot wait to go back.


  1. I can't get enough of these photos. Atlanta's zoo is wonderful - even better when it's not blazing hot with the accompanying hot animal zoo smells. The children will never forget their experiences there.

  2. I am so glad that you enjoyed it! You all are most deserving of a good time together.