Monday, May 30, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4...I declare a CRAFT war (okay, exchange)

Turn up the heat. Put on a dated cardigan...I am skipping middle age and heading straight into the Golden Girls era.

One of my best friends, AS, is a master crafter. I envy her sewing skills and ability to generally complete within 1 week's time: 11 thousand crafts, read all of the NY Times best seller books, raise one heck of a cute baby girl, nurse, pump, make baby food, blog, cook gourmet meals, run--and run well may I add, work a full time job, find a cure for AIDS (okay, that's not true, but I wouldn't put it past her), keep up to date on all popular culture, dress to the nines every day, and just be an all around awesome person.

AS has provided my kids with a variety of awesome homemade goods--cloth blocks, which are still a favorite toy ("Amy balls" we call them), matching birdie pajama pants, a ton of schlocks for their feet, and a tummy time mat. (Still in use for playing on!)

Enter: a need.

My husband has a lovey when he sleeps.

It's not his "Big Bear" from his childhood.

Or a rag tag scrap of baby blanket.

It's a pillow his ex-girlfriend made him in college.

We call it "J-C-U." (After his college.)

And he sleeps with it between his knees.

Does anyone else have a problem with this?

In reality, I have never had a problem with the pillow, but recently I've been trying to figure out how we can eliminate it from our bedroom. It's a singleton, and it doesn't match anything we have (outside of his current school's colors). So when I make the bed (emphasis on WHEN and I because WHEN it happens, I make it) I usually shove it under the bed or behind a pillow so it doesn't look like some shmata pillow on the bed landscape. Like this:

I know, I's totally promoting the colors of not only his college, but also his current place of work. And it's handmade...and it has an "E" on it...and it looks rather loved and to be honest, is quite soft.

But I wanna be a grown-up and have matchy-matchy things. Like throw pillows.

So I decided to get a new knee pillow for Eric. And it just so happened, I could pad my case with "you know, I'm kind of over you sleeping with a pillow made by your ex-girlfriend in your crotch."

Can you argue with that?

But where to get the pillows? IKEA and CB2 were the first inclinations...until I had a stroke of genius.

ENLIST your besty crafty friend from WI to see if you can do a craft exchange and have her make pillows!

Unfortunately, my craftiness is limited to knitted elephants, hats, and door wreaths. I was hoping she'd bite.

And she did! See her process on her blog here.

And now see what Eric got for an early Father's Day gift:

And these things are quality pillows. The chevron pattern was hand made--and we've got a zipper, folks!

Man--I could barely fudge a sewed up fly on my middle school sunflower boxers.

Eric loves them--and so do I! It's like you almost don't even see the snot and spit up stains from the boys wresting on our bed every day.

It's like--I'm almost an adult.

In exchange, I made--shocker of all shockers--a wreath! I used a new honey bun called Martinique, and was incredibly tempted to keep it for my own door. 

How much do I love craft exchanges? It's a fantastic "currency" if you ask me.

I'm thinking I'll preposition the pediatrician's office--craft for a copay?


  1. That's a great idea - craft exchanges! I wonder if I could swap a handmade felt Christmas stocking for new eye glasses or a hair cut????
    I love, love, love the new pillows (beautiful, AS) and also love the newest wreath.

  2. I will have to post a picture of your fantabulous wreath on my blog as we finally located a place for it. Glad you like the pillows - I think they add a nice POP to your bed! And now I will have to figure out how to live up to the billing you gave me in this are too kind.