Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday preparations

Miles turns 3 on Monday.

I'm in utter denial.

Sometimes it feels like he's been around my entire life (and, I guess he sort of have if you guess that I am born with all of the eggs my body will produce over my lifetime-ha!)

And other times I feel like Eric, Carol, and I were sitting in the delivery room--absolutely unprepared for his induction. But laughing, watching, and getting ready for an crazy delivery.

I've been toying with our new Macbook pro and iMovie for the last 2 nights. I created a great 9 minute montage only to realize I had been doing it in a very old version, and not with the new iMovie 11. Argh! It's not easy to transfer the project between versions, so the archaic one will have to do.

And then I realized I had to compress and turn into a Quick Time movie to put onto YouTube. So now it looks so much more grainy and choppy. Frustrating! Oh well. At least on our computer it looks pretty darn good.

Through this reflective process I have realized a number of things:
  • Miles was ridiculously cute as a baby. He's still really cute, and I know I am his mother, but his tight lipped smile is almost too much for me to watch.
  • With each passing month, we took fewer and fewer pictures and videos. Poor Felix will have a 3 minute video when he is 3.
  • Miles's hair was exceptionally long at one point. What was I thinking?
  • We have had a lot of tears and struggles over the past 3 years, but even more smiles, giggles, and hugs. 
Life is pretty darn good...and that's in a large part to Miles.

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  1. Funny, I have also cursed the iMovie to iMovie changes too. I like the old iMovie better. Blah.

    Happy birthday Miles! :D