Sunday, May 29, 2011

I smell a giveaway!

Hmmm...I wonder what a giveaway might smell like? If I had a choice, it would be freshly baked homemade bread, newly cut lilacs...or gasoline.

It's another GIVEAWAY!!

(the hat--not the cute kid. And yes, I put a baby girl hat on my toddler boy. Models don't come cheap these days, so I have to take what I can get)
 My friend Mama Stacy spent the weekend away from her brood back up north to come to Atlanta to visit a college friend. I've talked about Mama S before--she is another preemie Mama who I went to high school with...and could be in the running for the "coolest stay at home mom" in the country.

We reconnected over the past couple of years, thanks to the Internet and our kids, but I hadn't seen her since high school (like, when Seinfeld was still running on prime time, and we carried portable CD players around), so when I found out she was coming down to Hotlanta, I made sure we got together.

Mama said she was going to bring down a crochet project she just whipped up (teach me please!) for the sake of being uber crafty and generous. And she had a stellar idea: have it be part of a giveaway on my blog! It's an adorable baby blanket and two hats--a newborn hat, and a slightly older baby hat (see "Felicity" above). Utilizing runners' lingo, I would call this a girl's "kit." And I'd like to call it the Girl's Juicy Watermelon Kit. I would say the white hat is newborn size, and the pink is a few months old (I know, "few" is so relative, but my boys' heads were like 8 millionth percentile at 5 months old, so I like to remain intentionally vague with this kind of stuff.) The blanket is the perfect size for those initial weeks of tummy time (as long as you don't have one of those "spitter uppers" or "explosive poopers," then I might opt for a less coveted blanket), and also for car seat draping as it would just about cover a little baby girls' body, and not have to be crammed into the sides, or dragged on the floor.

As cute as Felix looks in the hat, it's a little small--and let's be honest--there has to be an adorable baby girl out there (or soon to be) that would look a lot cuter.

Although, this would make an excellent baby gift, so even if you are not in possession of a little baby girl in your arms or in your belly, I'd consider vying for it as a great baby shower gift!

Since Mama Stacy was so generous in making the Juicy Watermelon Kit for some lucky baby out there (and rumor has it, it only took her a week!)--I figured there was only one way to run the giveaway:

What are YOU going to do in the next week for someone else, for no other reason than to make someone's day?

Rules: Once you execute this random act of kindness (RAK), come back here on the blog, and post a comment letting me know what you have done.  And get this--as some extra kindness from me to you, I'll let you post up to 3 RAKs until the giveaway concludes next Sunday night at 11:11pm (June 5th). (Why 11:11pm? Why not?!?). I'll announce the winner and his/her RAK(s), and then send off the loot within a day! Please provide me with your e-mail address if I don't have it so I can contact you if you win!

Some more pictures to get you inspired...

Here is when my model was no longer willing to play dress up with me, even with the promise of playing "pony boy" and doing belly zerberts, so I had to opt for "Sean," the pantless, slightly ambiguously gendered doll.

Oh, and to get him upright, I put him on the potty. Yup. It's the one that sits in our master bathroom, unused, and typically a warehouse for toy cars during our morning play sessions before school.

At least "Sean" doesn't ask for much.

Alrighty folks! Lemme hear about your RAKs.

In the words of Miles: "On your mark...den set...GO!"


  1. Stacy, those are beautiful items! I think the "kit" would be perfect for baby's visit to grandparents. I have never crocheted and admire the required skills immensely.
    Alison, you have some patient (and very cute) sons! They are pretty amenable models. Only when they are ~13 or so, will they question what on earth they were allowing...
    I am not eligible for the giveaway but look forward to hearing about the RAK's.
    I like to surprise people with either email or snail mail thank you notes for little kindnesses they have done, and I've noticed. I just sent one to one of my former nursery school families when I put in the garden an adorable hand painted bird house they gave me last year. It reminds me of them and gives me joy - they deserved another thanks a year later.

  2. So it looks like Felix and I will never be friends. :)

    You have awesome photography skills! If I ever open an etsy shop, I am going to need your help.

    To be fair the blanket took at least 2 weeks but the hats are super fast. The white is a newborn and the pink should be 3-6 months.

    I hope you get some entries!

  3. So unfortunately I have no adorable girls in my life to share the prizes with but I did want to join in on the RAK fun. I have a friend coming to visit Boston for the first time ever this summer ( how could she have stayed away so long??). So I went to the local bookstore and bought her a brand-y spankin new Froders Boston guide and sent it on it's way to Michigan! Now not only will she hopefully be as excited as I am for the trip, but she will have something more fun than bills to come home to in her mailbox!!!

  4. I like Kara's RAK. Who doesn't enjoy receiving real mail in the mailbox?!?!

    On another note, I am having a bit of trouble loading this blog page. It takes a really long time. Is anyone else having trouble?

  5. 2 things so far -- entered this contest because my best friend just had a little girl :)
    and also, boxed up leftover diapers, all the clothes my boys have outgrown, and other stuff for a couple with their first baby boy. Included some different boxes of organic oatmeal (breastfeeding problems) and breastfeeding books.

  6. 3rd RAK - had some brand-new baby boy outfits that I left in another friend's mailbox (anonymously) after she had a little one :)
    If I'm chosen for this giveaway I will RAK it for another friend who just had a little girl :)

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