Sunday, May 1, 2011

"I won't grow up!"

At the tail end of our New England vacation, we just needed a few good hours to play.

And I'm talking about adults and kids alike.

Listen, when you have toddlers like mine who are used to being outside for a good portion of the day, keeping them pent up in houses because of less than ideal weather with limited toys, and lots of adult land mines (electronic equipment, flights of stairs, etc), the boys start to go crazy, resent the phrase, "don't touch that!" and sometimes throw the worst tantrum you have ever experienced that a parent actually calls up Babies R Us and pleads that they take a special return without a receipt. Okay, so I didn't do that, but both Eric and I were on the verge of tears on one occasion.

Add the fact that my children were exposed to more television and junk food than they have been their entire lives, and also that their sleep routines were off...and you have a recipe for chaos.

Diversion for a minute--at what point do toddlers get this uncanny ability to sniff out anything with transfat, high fructose corn syrup and chocolate? Miles found himself rummaging through pantries and of all things, would pull out some sort of candy and ask about it. And we don't keep candy hanging around in our house like we do, say, dust bunnies. And although this kid is smart, he's not yet reading. Our explanation that the bags were just "decorations" lasted all of 1 day. I think I have a candy addict on my hand.

Diversion 2 for another minute--lest you think that the chaos that was my children resulted in permanent damage in the 2 houses we bunked at during our vacation, you would be wrong. Oh, there was damage, but it wasn't caused by my 2 little rugrats. Gazelle in a china shop over here helped saturate Eric's sister and brother-in-law's kitchen ceiling with a leaky shower experience. And Eric tried to one up me and broke some dishes. Neither of which we could blame on those who only speak Ewok (ie, Felix). I felt awful--tried to make a joke along the lines of, "well, you both are on maternity/paternity leave and are finally getting a hang of things after 2 months. We thought we would keep you busy now that sleeping is almost predictable." 

We all needed some time outside. 

And the day before your harrowing trip back to GA, we had some amazing weather in MA at my parents' house. So, we played. And played hard. For 2+ hours we scooted and motorcycled down the driveway, played with chalk, bubbles, tossed balls around, and just let loose. (You cannot tell from the pictures, but we would FLY down the driveway on any wheeled vehicle. And the motorcycle is probably on order of 34 years old--works like a charm.) 

It was awesome.

Yeah, sometimes, I don't wanna grow up. 

Um, that's totally my Mom doing scooter races. She's the biggest kid of all...

The luge. He learned the hard way that it is much preferable to the skeleton

The boys get a turn

The tongue of concentration

30+ year old motorcycle!! (on this one, you really FLEW!)



  1. OMG - SCOOTERS! I NEEEEEED to the n-e-e-d to buy some for my class!!!!

  2. Scooters are the best! We had them at our school (we each inherited some when school closed), and the kids (and adult kids) loved them! We had 6, and you can connect them to have even more fun.
    We had such a great time that day! We should never truly grow up.