Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Confession: part II

I have another confession...or 2:

1. I have a crush on Christy Turlington.

2. There are many days I wake up, commit to living a buddhist lifestyle, quit my job, have another 2 premature boys (cuz we know that's what my body is MADE for!), and when money gets really tight, the electricity shuts off...we just propose an extended front yard camping adventure.

(Until I put the boys into child slave labor and have them push my mediocre knitting and wreath creations in a lemonade-stand type of operation. My 'hood is predominately comprised of the grandparent types--they eat that kind of craftiness up, no? And with my boys' one can resist.)

A few of you readers (you 3 know who you are...) have been the best "go-to" Mamas for discussing the: "I want to quit my job...or do I? Rather, can I? This is rotten! Why did I get a masters? Why can't we figure it all out? This is complicated! Stop me from being envious of my part-timing and SAHM friends."

Yes, tantrums are intense. Diapers are smelly. And I'm pretty sure I cannot replicate the amazing exposure my boys get at childcare...but the stress of professional life weighs so heavily on me. And part time work just isn't an option. (To maintain benefits, I have to work 35 hours a, that's pretty close to full time if you ask me!)

This weeked I saw a tv spot on Christy Turlington courtesy of the CBS Sunday Morning show. Okay, she's my new hero. Move over Ashley Judd, Christy is just about the most beautiful, graceful, eloquent, impactful woman. I want to be her. Kate Middleton was so last week. And seriously--remember Christy in the George Michael music video Freedom? My. Personal. Hero. And get this--she is currently, at the ripe age of 40 something, getting a Master of Public Health from Columbia. (Yay MPH!) When I mentioned this all to Eric and concluded with "I want to be her." Eric said, "no, given her cureent career aspirations, she wants to be YOU!"


Anyway, what it reminded me of is that there are women who have figured it out, and in my heart, I don't think it is all about money (yeah, Christy's got some). But I'm still not sure exactly what the right formula is. Part of me thinks it's about the *opportunity* to do what you want, how you want it. And the truth is, I don't have that luxury now that I have additional lives to support.

I think after Mother's Day weekend, I am a little more "how can I figure out this whole work-wife-mother balance better?" I am going to bed feeling like Monday morning is going to hurt--in the heart. (Yes, I write posts when I'm overtired in my bed and schedule them to post the next day.)

Any million dollar ideas? I'm listening...

And to keep ME going through the week (cuz I'll come back to my own site just to look at pictures of my kids. Yeah, I am THAT kinda mom), some pictures from this weekend. And soon, I'll actually be able to save them to more than just my online smugmug account-new computer en route!!!

Reason #1 and #2 why I have these confessions... (wait, is Felix giving me the finger?)


  1. I so wish there was a way for you to achieve more work/life balance, honey. It makes my heart ache. Meanwhile - a day at a time, honey. Your little guys are doing so well and are so well cared for by you, Eric and wonderful ELC staff.
    I love to review the photos, too (so does Grandpa) whenever I need a boost to my spirits or just because!

  2. Will there ever be work/life balance? I have no balance and I'm completely overwhelmed by feeding the cat and cleaning the kitchen each day!

    My sister put it best a few years ago when I graduated college: You'll go back and forth as to what you're focusing on - work might take over, or life might take over... hmmm, so true. But why can't we have BOTH work harmoniously in tandem?

    I think work/life balance will always be a struggle. Some months will go well, and some months you'll wonder if you'll ever survive. In those moments, "that's what friends are for" must be the mantra. At least, that's the best I've come up with so far... lemme know if you have any epiphones!

  3. Well said, Rebecca. Greater minds than any of ours have not found the answers yet either...

  4. I'm late to the party, but I have to say... I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Thinking about a lot of these issues right now as well. The clicheness of the plight of the working mother, eh? Wish I had the answer.

  5. Went to post a pic of T this morning and T. said. "My - wools, Lee - lix" and I knew just the post to go to. Hope y'all are having a great day!