Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Move over 11, it's all about 3

Eric and my "lucky" number is 11. And it always will be:

We are both born on 1/11
Married on 7/22 (7+2+2=11)
I was proposed to with 110 tulips--and a rogue 111th little daisy type that slipped into the mix by "accident."

This list actually goes on and on.

But I think Miles's # is going to be 3.

He's 3.
He weighs 30 lbs (okay, a little over 29, but if we weigh him on his projected third birthday at the end of June, I bet he'll tip the scales!)
And he is 3 feet tall.

We have been celebrating his birthday for a little over a week--but I refuse to go 3 weeks.

It's like overnight he turned into a little boy--except he still wears diapers. And can I mention that over night I all of a sudden felt like he is too old for diapers? And that I am a little more discrete when I change in front of him? It's like he looks at me and instead of the innocent "Mommy--bottom!" he used to say, he just stares with a "one of these things isn't like the other..." kind of inquisitiveness.

The extended celebration lasted days as generous family/friends sent us birthday packages. Now, each day Miles asks: "am I three NOW? Do I get more presents?" Although he has a concept of "presents" and dates, we can still pull a few sly tricks--like using the giant polka dotted gift bag we got from one of Eric's friends who bought him a bunch of cars, and reusing it multiple times over the course of a few days to "wrap" the gifts we bought him.

Some of the highlights (ie, things I took pictures of to date--and not in representative order of "favorite" or "best" gifts--just my inconsistent documentarian job):

Scooters from Mahna

A new Picasso Touch the Art Book! (Although, I think the Pop Warhol's the Top one we got a few months ago is slightly better.)
Touch the Art: Pop Warhol's TopTouch the Art: Catch Picasso's Rooster

Automoblox cars from Felix, Mommy, and Daddy

A Warrior Dash souvenir hat from Daddy, which has been donated to our childcare's dress-up closet. (Felix had to get in on the play time, too!)

An astronaut outfit from AunT and Nuncle (hello Halloween 2011!)
Felix still needs to graduate from space camp--he's not looking too comfortable, here.
Popcorn ball from Grandma and Opa (along with cars and an awesome plant/water sprayer for outside)

A black eye...

ERRRR--back up, black eye?

Oh yes. On the way to his birthday party playdate with some friends, Miles first skinned both of his knees and drew some drops of blood. Thanks to Curious George band-aids, we were able to make it to the birthday party without a trip to the ER. But then as we are about to decorate our own homemade sugar cookies, the darn kid gets so excited (that, or wearing Daddy's hat obstructed his vision, or he slip n' slided on the massive amounts of sunscreen "ocean" I lathered him with...and yes, slided is not a word.), that he tumbled off of the picnic table, and kissed the concrete floor with his eyebrow. 


But he had a great time at the playground (despite being up since 3:45am--of all days he decides to get up in the middle of the night over the past year). And to protect the reputations of most of the kids, I will just post family pics, but let me tell you that we have a cadre of really cute friends! We opted for the local airport's playground, and just had a sort of open invitation for all to come--watch the planes, eat junk, and sweat in the 90 degree heat.

Miles really squeezed on the frosting. It kinda reminds me of shaving cream. Funny how for his 1st birthday, I was SO anal about having a "cake" with limited sugar. We made a carrot block cake that had about zero sugar in it--no oil--just carrots, wheat flour, apple sauce, and love. It was...interesting. Last year I upgraded to carrot cake cupcakes that are DIVINE, but still convinced myself they were "healthy" by using apple sauce in place of oil, lots of carrots, half wheat flour, more brown than white sugar, and as many organic ingredients as possible. This year, I threw caution to the wind, and made homemade sugar cookies, and colored white frosting and put into little make-shift piping bags out of zipper plastic bags. The ingredients were all organic outside of the sugar and frosting...but let's be clear, that doesn't mean ANYTHING in terms of "health." 

And they were GOOD. I'll post the recipe along with some additional ones soon.

Felix showing off his bubble blowing skills with T's Mommy.
High five for turning 3!!

It was a really nice, low key birthday.

How on earth do I have a "fwee" year old???

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  1. These are great memories of Miles's big three birthday! I love both boys in the Warrior run helmet, and it's fun to see the delight in Miles's eyes as he examines each gift. I think reusing a gift bag is totally fine and "green" to boot!