Monday, June 13, 2011

P Days: 1 & 2

P Day: Potty Day

We've been dancing around the whole potty training thing for many months. Miles has both peed and pooped on the potty, although, I'm now of the belief they were mere happy accidents rather than true signs of readiness.

We decided to wait until his childcare was over for the summer so we didn't have to involve childcare too much. And at this point, Miles is verbal and easily able to tell you the whole run down on what the potty is for, where it all comes from, why you don't go in diapers when you are 3, etc.

Problem is, I don't get the sense we'll be very far come August when he returns to school.

Because my shelves are swollen with sleeping books that I purchased during Miles's first 9 months, I have no room for potty books. Outside of the handful of kid's potty books that Miles has, we are going rogue on this adventure and applying our own technique (with the guidance of the pediatrician).

It goes something like this:

Wake up one day, put on underwear, and go about your daily business. No fuss, no big deal, just "oh, and if you have to pee or poop--go into the bathroom and use that potty you have been using as a play chair for the past year."

I'm not sure I completely agree with the idea, but Eric was at Miles's 3 year appt, heard the pediatrician, and is taking some aspects of his advice as gospel.

I dictated things like sleep plans, feeding plans, etc, so I guess I defer to Eric on his potty edict.

The first rule of potty training, you don't talk about potty training. (If my husband ever read my blog, he would love this Fight Club reference.)  We don't ever ask if he has to go potty. Eric scolded me the first true P Day this Saturday when I asked Miles if he had to go potty.

That is when I immediately (and justifiably, no?) said:

"Eric, are you kidding me? I cannot ask him if he has to go potty? Okay. Your rules, YOUR laundry. I humbly resign from any leadership position in this process. Enjoy all that extra soiled laundry."

Meanwhile, I'm just thinking about the extra job I'll have to secure to pay for Miles's lifetime therapy sessions.

Luckily, Eric is a stay at home dad for a few weeks before my Mom arrives, so I'm just waiting for the miracle to take place. He has full weeks of implementing his system. And of course I am documenting it!

Apparently we are past that "sweet spot" of 2 1/2 that so many claim is the one and only time you can train your boys before you have to hire a child psychologist and look into pediatric colostomy bags if the child resists for too long.

So, how have the first 2 days gone?

P Day 1: Great! No accidents! Wait. We didn't put underwear on until 4pm, and then soon after, he had a bath and was in bed for the night. No pee or poop on the potty.

P Day 2: Eh, not stellar. I think we went through 12 pairs of underwear. No poop in the underwear, but certainly not in the potty. He cleverly saved it for nap time when he had free reign with his diaper.

P Day 2 had us go out of the house with underwear on (because during the summer, we run our family ragged. We are on the move, exploring playgrounds, pools, shopping, playdates, etc). So, we went to a new playground to explore, Chastain Park, and Eric was very eager to go with Miles in underwear.

I packed extra shorts, underwear, and a diaper just in case. I figured, he WOULD pee, but probably not until we are in the middle of swinging. We would get a good 30 minutes of eating and playtime before we had to attend to soggy Thomas underwear.

We packed up picnic lunches, and were off. So begins the comedy of errors:
  • We get to the park, and as I unloaded the bag of food, clothes, sunscreen, etc, I realized it was sitting in 2 inches of water in the back of my car. Eric's water bottle leaked--on the extra shorts, the diapers, the extra underwear and my PHONE. No biggie, perhaps Miles will be okay without back up. We are due for a miracle, right?
  • We sat down and started to eat: Miles: "I peed." Of COURSE you peed! And so, Eric walked back up to the car, and put him in the emergency car diaper.
  • Miles and I had some races on the open grass. At the third tree, he informed me that he was pooping in his diaper. I guess that emergency diaper was a good thing! But FAIL
  • After nap that day, we put underwear back on, and it was a constant: "Mom, I peed. Change my underwear."
  • During one episode: Miles said he pooped. I looked in his underwear, and it was fine. So I sat him on the potty in case he thought he had to poop. After he stood up, there was a little in the potty. But I realized it just fell out from when he did it in his underwear. He saw it, and I don't think he quite understood it. I don't blame him--no pushing or anything, and it ends up in the potty? Ugh, what's the number to the psychologist?
Eric thinks we should let him stew in it a bit. But not sure it really upsets him, and not sure I want him to get comfortable being wet.

In case you aren't following the count of the last 2 days:

Changes of underwear: at least 15
Pee in the potty: 0
Poop in the potty: 1--but it was a "hangers on" that really shouldn't count.

Best part? Felix is all about the potty. He delightfully yells "POTTY!" and even sits on it no problem.

Maybe we'll get a "twofor" out of this??

Stay tuned...

I promise I won't chronicle every day...but this adventure that Eric is kindly orchestrating is too good not to write about from time to time...and if I'm still writing about it come Christmas, I'm going straight to the colostomy option.


  1. So maybe not everyone wants to read about this every day - but I do! Really! So, keeps the posts coming! Can't wait to read all about it!

  2. Too funny!
    The low key, no pull ups approach sounds sensible, but I have my doubts about not asking when a child, particularly a boy (they tend to get really involved with play and need to be reminded)has to use the potty. Also, the whole poop thing can be tricky, and it's not at all unusual for a child to manage his/her poops until he/she is in a diaper and feels comfortable eliminating.
    It will be interesting to see how Eric and Miles do! I'll find out, I'm sure.

  3. hee hee hee hee! i just have to giggle. fortunately, mine are proof that you can wait til they're 3. except for linus, who probably will need the colostomy bag. argh.

  4. Oh wow...we haven't had any luck with Micah either...taking a break now. We have a regular potty, potty bracket that sits on top of regular toilet...and wait for it -- now we will have a MUSICAL potty since Micah loves music LOL LOL LOL!!!

  5. uh oh...missed that 2 1/2 remark...guess we better get hopping...or pooping...whatevah LOL

  6. oh please document this daily! first of all b/c it will give you space to talk about it without talking about it in front of miles. secondly, b/c if it works, you will need the details for your best selling book. and finally, b/c if it doesn't work you will need those details to bring back to your pediatrician - look we TRIED your way.