Monday, June 20, 2011

WWYD? To Mini or not to Mini

Week long trek up to Ohio is pending.

That's 12 hours in a car with 2 toddlers. (I'm not a world traveler, but we have traveled a LOT with these kids when I think of it!). Although no one is teething, and no one has an ear infection or an antibiotic reaction (Dang! No benadryl!), we also don't have the convenient stop in Cincinnati to stay overnight now that Eric's sister lives in a different state. And by convenient, I mean a stop after 7 hours of driving.

12 hours overnight.

Do we dare rent a minivan?

Is the expense worth it?

(Maybe it will be a good test run to see if we will ever be a minivan family.)

Throw this into the mix--on the way back, my mother will probably be with us as we abduct her for childcare services for 5 weeks. Read: I'll be in a Britax car seat sandwich for 12 hours, which means Felix will throw his shoes at my face (he's allergic to them in the car), Miles will demand I hold his hand, and I'll need to mediate lots of dinosaur screaming.

At least I won't be pumping this time.



  1. As anti-minivan as I am, I would rent one if I were in your position.

  2. I would rent if I were you! After our last crazed road trip I decided that if we are truly going for round 3 we better get ourselves prepared for a rather large car purchase. It's worth the money if it helps the sanity. Plus maybe it will have a dvd player and you can rely on dinosaur train to fill them with the best dinosaur sounds :)

  3. Rent it! It will be worth the cost for comfort and sanity! Plus you'll get to see if you like being a "mini van" family for the week. It will make the trip so much better, especially for your mother on the way pack. And you can pack as much stuff as you want!