Monday, July 25, 2011

5 Alive!

 Really, who are we kidding...THIS is more like it:

My good friend Schlotty had the greatest title for our 5th wedding anniversary: FIVE ALIVE!

5 years--and lots of "life" happening. Creating life (x 2 and a half), surviving life (damn cancer), and even losing life.

It was a great, albeit stormy, weekend 5 years ago...

This is me below. Throwing the gang symbol for the 5th year of marital bliss.

And look! After 2 kids, it's the rehearsal dinner dress! Okay, so my dress-up options are limited, and I was running low on options, but with some double sided tape to paste to my "I survived nursing 2 children" upper body, it looked almost as good as it did 5 years ago. And after quite a bit of stress, not a gray in sight! Okay, so that's totally a "pigment" of your imagination--rather, a the result of using a free box of John Freida foam color that I got a coupon for from that aforementioned Schlotty. The one good thing about not being pregnant anymore is that I can home color with abandon, and follow it up with a martini to boot! (Note: building gray on my head is a great barometer for you to assess the vacancy status of my uterus--I've been called out on it two times before!)

Eric and I had a great celebration. Instead of wood (or silverware if you go the modern route) as the traditional 5th wedding anniversary, I am changing it to the year of the scoutmob.

Okay, so scoutmob is not as much of a "thing" as it is a smart phone discount "app."

But I think I am in a plural marriage now--Eric, me, and scoutmob (I call dibs on "first" wife!)

I've been really indecisive lately, and asked Eric to plan our dinner for our wedding anniversary.

I know, how kind of me?

We talked about finding a scoutmob location to save us 50% on dinner, so I expected a nice dinner either in Decatur or some totally authentic grub on Buford Highway (this may only resonate with Atlanta folks here).

I finished work, gussied myself up, and Eric and I jumped into the car and were off. We landed at Isabella's Cafe in Decatur for a scrumdiddly dinner of samosas, beef stew and chicken tikka. Washed down with two cold beers, and we were happy little larks (do birds drink alcohol?). All at 50% off of course.

Then Eric said we were going shopping. So we traipsed around Decatur square and popped in and out of scoutmob participating shops, and bought a bunch of gifts and books for the boys and for some other people. We find it far more fun to shop for other people to be honest (and made a pact, because we are were totally channeling "Stand By Me"energy, and decided that on our birthday come January, we are going to celebrate by doing something, or giving something to someone else. I was already scheming during my massage--wait, what? Massage? I'm getting ahead of myself...)

After shopping, we had to make up the calories spent with dessert and drinks. We nestled down at a quiet (and tippy) table at Carpe Diem and shared an amazing chocolate cream pie. Port and a martini were the winning libations. Again, "fiddy" off thanks to scoutmob.

We decided we were going to go rent a Redbox and go home and push the couches together and have a sleepover in our living room.

Yes, we have done that before.
Just like sometimes we switch sides of the bed.
Or sleep with our heads at the other end.
I compare it to brushing with the opposite hand--it keeps your brain active and mixes things up a little. Try it.

Well,  I had no idea what Redbox we were going to, because the next thing I know, we are passing the mall that is not by our house.


SURPRISE! Thanks to priceline (scoutmob has not entered the world of hotels), we got to have a sleepover at a 4 star hotel! He had schemed with my mom and secretly packed a sleepover bag without me knowing.


My alarm clock doesn't poop in a diaper.
I can crank the AC as high as possible without seeing it reflected on my bill.
I can take a shower without a small child beating on the door
And BIG. FLUFFY. WHITE. SHEETS. yeah, yeah...apparently full of bed bites and other unmentionables if you ask Dateline, but I quickly convinced myself they were completely new sheets, waiting to consume me in fluffiness.

We had a good laugh at the brochures littered throughout the room (I think they need to hire a copy editor--hey! New job prospect!). For $19, you could get a single bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, or for $18, you could get steak and eggs and a side. Hmmm...or, for $150, you could get an SFacial.

It was lovely, and we slept in until...wait, it comes...SEVEN THIRTY! (We both woke up an hour before that, but at least stayed in bed.)

Then off to breakfast at Alon's bakery for a yummy breakfast outside.

Eric told me he promised my mom that we would be home at 10am to relieve her from Crazy Horse and Tender Foot...but there Eric went again, and missed the turn to our house.

Where were we going?

We ended up at Village Place in  Brookhaven, and Eric told me he was going to the Library (a coffee shop) to read for 90 minutes while I was getting a full body massage at Natural Body Spa. It's a great spa that is platinum LEED certified and gives some great massages.

I was ready to renew our vows in the spa treatment room. Eric did a fantastic job making that 24 hours some of the most relaxing and fun I have had in a long time. If you have kids, you'll appreciate how valuable you feel those moments you have when you can sit and talk with your spouse. I'm not sure how to else to say it, but sometimes I kind of "miss" Eric. And this 5th anniversary, I got almost 24 hours to spend time with him again.

As I said to Eric, if this is what 5 years looks like, sign me up for 5 million.


  1. Oh, Ali! Happy Anniversary! I am glad y'all had a wonderful 24 hours. You deserve it!

  2. happy anniversary! what a great gift you got. lucky lady! :)

    i used that same hair dye recently. good stuff for hiding the gray. ;)

  3. HA! I just realized we're doing the same thing! I booked rafting, rock climbing and zip lining in Ocoee for our anniversary- all with groupons! Score:)