Saturday, July 30, 2011

Making Silly Faces: GIVEAWAY!

 I've been really inconsistent with my posting, so I am hoping that I still have a few lurkers who will participate in an uh-mazing giveaway!!

Your eyes are not deceiving you--my husband didn't pick up the guitar, don a first finger ring, and purchase one of those head microphones (that totally remind me of Rent--I have no earthly need or use for a head microphone, but I want one right after an iPad).

Eric's doppleganger is children's musician Nick from In The Nick of Time music! He has recently been touring the east coast to promote his newest CD, "Making Silly Faces."
He's done concerts at schools, in the park, at corporations, on TV, and even some radio spots.

Atlanta was lucky enough to convince him to make a stop over in Atlanta on his way back down to his home in Miami. My family got assume the role of "toddler groupies" and attend both of the 2 concerts his did. With a banjo and a guitar (and his incredible traveling speaker system with back-up music, and that Rent-a-phone), he made some really awesome music for some really happy kids.
I think the real appeal of Nick's music is that it truly is kid and parent friendly. I've been following Nick's career as a kindie musician for as long as I can remember, and his ability to compose music that incorporates a variety of instruments, styles, clever lyrics, and general "feel-goodness" is hard to match. And, his amazingly talented wife (who has the talent and beauty that I am convinced would put her in the top 3 of both American Idol and America's Next Top Model), rounds out the band and sound. Unfortunately, she couldn't make his tour this summer, but has a huge presence on all of his albums.

While I will mention that the newest CD will probably be most appreciated by those a little bit out of the toddler age, I think it is one to add to anyone's children's music library. Currently, we are obsessed with the "Slumber Party" song. (It's totally a la Lady Gaga--that's what is fun about this CD, every song sort of reminds you of a popular artist.)

Wanna nibble on some of his unique sounds? Head over to his site, and you can sample some of the newest songs.  What's awesome is that you can buy them individually; it's like a make-your-own children's music library!

Reflecting back on his previous CDs, I think Eric and I have sang his "Seven" song every single day for the past 3 years. Currently, we sing it at bedtime every night. It was our own colic calm with Miles when he was a baby. And the "Autumn Song" is always a favorite, as are "Freeze Dance" "Sneakers" "Clickity Clack" and "The Bear Went Over the Mountain." You can also go and both sample and buy some of these older songs here, too. 

But for one of you, you won't have to do anything but open a bubble mailer sent to your home in order to get Nick's music. Woot Woot!

For all 3.5 of you who don't know me personally, there is one thing that needs to be mentioned before we get into the giveaway...

Nick IS my brother. And yes, both Felix and Miles are on the newest cover. But I am gaining no compensation for the giveaway except inflating my sense of pride for my talented big bro. Folks--I've been there since the beginning--or at least since he was a little less than 2 years old and I a newborn. I've suffered through his beginning string instruments, piano, and recorder (ughh! recorder!) in elementary school and nights of saxophone during middle school. And conveniently, my room was right above our house's music room, so every plugged in electric guitar or bass that entered our house, was *felt* by me. I watched my older brother hone his craft, join multiple bands over the years (I even sang a few times in one of them during college), get degrees and advanced degrees in music, and ultimately settle into what I think is one heck of an accomplished career as a children's musician.

You ready to hear for yourself???

I am giving away to 1 lucky reader, a collection of Nick's CDs!!And even for many of you who have 1 or more of the CDs--you'll still want to win--isn't it always fun to have, at the ready, some great children's music to give to someone as a gift?


How to enter:
  1. ONE ENTRY: leave a comment on this post with your favorite song/album from when you were a wee one. (I loved our Sesame Street Fever record, and Barry Louis Polisar tapes. Quickly, though, they were overtaken when I discovered the Grease record.)
  2. ANOTHER ENTRY: go to Facebook and "like" In The Nick of Time's Facebook page. Leave a separate comment for this. (If you are part of the Kool Kid Gang and already like his page, just leave a comment confirming.)
  3. YET ANOTHER ENTRY: Post about this giveaway on your own blog. Leave a separate comment with the link to your blog post for this.
  4. REALLY? ANOTHER CHANCE?: Post a link to this this giveaway on your own Facebook page. Leave a separate comment for this.
C'mon people--help me blow up this comment section!

Contest ends next Saturday, August 6, 2011, midnight.



    1. Okay, can I still enter even if I've already "liked" In the Nick of Time on FB and I don't have a blog?

      Since I was the "youngest/only" child in my family, there was not much children's music playing if any. Let me see.... remember Sesame Street...Mr. songs... ah HA! Camp songs. Who could ever forget the Titanic song,
      "It was sad when the great ship went down
      to the bottom of the
      uncles and aunts
      little children lost their pants..."
      ooooh, so cruel, but so fun and educational.

      I'm on my way to go post this giveaway on FB!

    2. Wait, so you married a guy that looks like your brother? Because the first time I showed my mom a picture of George, she said, "he looks just like Evan!" (my brother)

      Anyhoo, my favorite song was Physical by ONJ. Is that wrong?

    3. Hi! Jenni Ellis sent me the link to your blog- so cute! I think I mostly remember singing Jimmy Buffett songs, but Caribbean Amphibian from Sesame Street is one of those that I remember from my childhood and sing to my little boy now!

    4. favorite album when I was a kid? hmmmm.... I bet it was Raffi or Free to Be You and Me.

      G's favorite song of Nick's is Coconut Groove - she sings "rollin' down the street watchin' fairies sippin' on berry juice". Apparently Elmo is for little kids, which at 4 she is not.

      Is Nick going to sign all the CDs? :)

    5. When I was a kid, one of my favorites was Pete Seeger, I can't remember the name of the album, but it was folk songs :)

    6. Just 'liked' Nick's page on FB...our favorite song is the Alligator Sally one :)

    7. I posted a link on my FB page...would have done it anyhow! Nick's music is great, and funny - just like Sesame Street (the old episodes) with the adult humor too :)
      I'd post a link on my blog...but its down for the time! :(

    8. My old favorite children's song was "Letter B" set to the tune of Let it Be OR "Kid just wanna brush" set to the tune of "Girls just wanna have fun" - both classic Sesame Street.

      We have given ITNOT CDs as baby shower gifts - they are always a hit!

    9. Hi there! I'm Jenni's sister - she sent me to enter for the CDs for my son to enjoy. I remember the train song from a ride from our parents' in Alabama to Amelia Island just about a month ago; I know Tilden loves that song!

      I don't know what my favorite album was growing up but I do remember singing lots of songs from the Muppet Movie!

    10. We just "liked" In the Nick of Time on Facebook, too!

    11. And I posted on my own FB page to send my friends over for the giveaway. If it weren't 2 hours before it was over, I'd write a blog post about it, too, but I know that people wouldn't make it to my blog between now and midnight tonite!