Friday, July 15, 2011

SYTYCD: Toddler Style

I haven't had the chance to watch So You Think You Can Dance this summer (I haven't watched much of any TV), but it doesn't matter because I have Miles to treat us with his version of Break Dancing (rather, "broken" dancing).

What you cannot see well is that Miles barrels over toward our sideboard during one break dancing episodes, collapses into his broken dance, and conks his head on the floor. And then it is like the perfect example of my 2 boys: Miles starts weeping partial crocodile tears, and Felix runs over and slaps Miles on his exposed belly. The video cuts out right as Felix administers the first blow, and Eric unfortunately stopped taping about 10 seconds too early because Felix wound up again and gave Miles an encore that was so hard, we all could almost feel Miles's bare belly swelling up and getting red. Insert real tears.

Oh wow, Ali! Miles is finally wearing underwear for real? Nope. We are apparently on the 4 year plan, and took a nice long break from anything formal during the chaos of the last month with all the personal drama and 4th of July traveling. Our potty training hiatus will be over starting next week, but until then, there is a lot more fun to be had with underwear than just wearing it on your bottom.  Thomas berets, anyway?


  1. I remember my kids wearing similar underpants headgear and also using the (clean because no one had used it) potty as a football helmet...

  2. Oh my gosh, Zoe totally picks on Ella, too! It's sort of hilarious watching the little munchkin harass her big sister, who just sits and cries. I am trying to teach her to toughen up and tell Zoe "no" but we'll see how long that works without escalating into pushing.

  3. Good ol' wholesome, silly, family fun. Those are awesome pictures AND memories!