Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation is...

Going on nature walks with Opa:
 Impressing the bikini-clad girls with dashing good looks and sun shades:
Riding motorcycles for the first time:
 Getting the boat ready for lots of lake rides:
Modeling the "boat coat:"
 Bucket hats:

 Boat rides:

 Pool Time:
Beach Bumming:
Lake frolicking:

Perfectly composed, and unintentional photo of Daddy's dive over an obstacle:
Cousin cabana-ing:
Naval exploration:
And just enjoying family time...

Excessively large photo album for the grand parentals to view here.


  1. It was a pretty fabulous vacation, and the colors totally capture the "happy". The shot of Eric diving is amazing!

  2. You got all your summer activity bases covered! Looks like a terrific time. I think the most fun part is giving your boys the wholesome childhood experiences we all had! Ah, it's such a comfort to know the good things in life never change through the generations.