Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Bye Bye Gorillas"

Better late than never...just one or two shots from a recent trip to the Zoo when my oldest brother, Seth, was in town. (Right after my other brother, Nicholas, was in town. After they left, Miles aptly asked, "is another uncle coming to visit?")

Highlights? Felix keeping the entire Zoo in stitches as he screamed (on repeat) "BYE BYE GORILLAS!" to every inanimate animal statue. Oh, and the *cuh-reepy* ring tailed lemur who was perched at the top of the cage, which happened to be at our eye level, scouting out his compadres below...who was also apparently starring in his own x-rated fur flick. Leave it to Felix who said, "STICK!" (Aren't we a good 10 years away from forcing Eric to have these discussions?)

And I threw in a picture of a rhino because I realize that from the looks of it, we didn't actually see live animals.

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