Tuesday, August 23, 2011


What's cuter than a pair of galoshes?

Two pairs...and then throw my boys in them, and my day doesn't get much better. (Until Felix plants his bottom in the shallow pool, which I am sure is infected with STDs or something.)

No parental wisdom today, or even excessively ridiculous stories about me serving as a toddler urine blocker.

oh.my.god. If you don't follow my blog, you are probably about ready to call the police.

Let's just say my hands have been on splash guard duty a lot recently...page back a few entries.

Like yesterday, when my son held his pee for the entire day of childcare, and it literally exploded up straight in the sky when we finally figured out how to get him to sit on the potty at home. And I, of course, the hero that I am, instinctively tried to save the ceiling and my bedroom rug--because, yes, we had to put the potty in our bedroom, turn on PBS and blast the faucet to have a fighting chance to get the kid to sit---and I used my hand to stop the spray.

Wait. That was just an excessively ridiculous story about me serving as a toddler urine blocker.

Awkward. But ture.


Cute boys at Stone Mountain ahead...I must say, boys can be wild and dirty, but some days, that's just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. You should just start wearing rubber gloves full time....