Friday, August 19, 2011

I heart etsy

I really love giving gifts.

I don't like getting gifts for myself...

...but I do like finding out what gift someone else may be getting me, and then becoming pissed at myself for ruining the surprise. I may have unwrapped hidden x-mas presents with my brother when we were children. And I have an uncanny ability at stumbling upon surprises Eric has planned or purchased.

One of my favorite kinds of gifts to get are new baby gifts. I love composing packages of a variety of different "baby" things. Luckily, I am at the prime procreation time period in a woman's life, so the past 4 years I have had the ability to put together lots of baby-themed gifts.

I usually try to incorporate at least 1 homemade good (chances are--a knit hat or knit elephant...though I am expanding thanks to a new toy knitting book!), a cute book for mom or for baby, a lactation cookie recipe, a gift for a sibling if not a first baby, something from a registry (if it is a first time mom), and something unique. For first time moms, I also include one of my own "essentials" like the nosefrida.

Recently I have been simultaneously working on 4 different baby gift packages, and been scouring etsy for that something "unique." I purchased a few great gifts for the packages, but had to blog about one of the most special gifts I found.

I was looking through a bunch of personalized note cards, and found an Christina William's shop with this listing:

My jaw dropped. Just days before, one of my preggo friends had told me the most touching story about her life/children/pregnancies that centered on a bluebird and a robin. I mean...could finding the above note cards not have been more perfect? So I knew for her "unique" item I was going to buy these personalized cards and have both of her children's names placed on the bottom. I contacted Christina Williams, and told her some of very general details of my friend's very touching story and experiences. She came back and customized the note cards not only with both of my friend's children's names, but also changed the red bird to be a robin!
Hold on...even better...I had also mentioned that I was going to frame one (which my friend could take out and use whenever she wanted to) because I just thought it might look good as a frame-able piece of art. Christina said she would make a print in a larger size for me to frame as a generous extra.

I mean, I haven't even met Christina, but I heart her, follow her blog now, and will be sure to order more from her shop as the need arises! And so cute, she included a thank you note as well as some balloon tags in the shipment.

Head over to her shop--take a gander--and make a purchase. I honestly couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. 

Just another example how etsy, like Google and Amazon, make my life a whole lot better.

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