Sunday, August 28, 2011

Missing Mahna

It's been a few weeks since Mahna left us after her 5+ week stay this summer, and boy do we miss her. 
Every summer we get the luxury of having her donate her time and love to watch the boys while their childcare is closed for the summer. 
She reads, she sings, she goes on the playground...and she deals with lots of dirty diapers and underwear.
I mean--that doesn't even cover it.
Oh, and she makes a mean scrambled egg for her overworked daughter. 
I love her.
I miss her.
The boys love her.
The boys miss her.
Eric loves her.
And yes, Eric misses her, too.
Outside of a propensity to apologize too much for things she doesn't need to apologize for, she doesn't cause a single ripple in our life. 

I think the boys really miss reading time with Mahna. Her 20+ years in early childhood is not lost on my kids.

It's amazing to think how much has changed in 4 summers... 

We always try to get my mom some sort of thank you for her tireless hours and sacrifice. This year, we sent her a package with a few books, well composed thank you letters, and then I found a necklace on none other than my favorite that I knew would be a perfect addition to the package:

(you likey that artsy fartsy pic I took with the statue of two brothers in the background? Stop me before the museum calls.)

It's a handmade ichthys fish necklace with the boys' birthstones on it. I obsessively hinted to my hubster that when we are 100% certain we are done with procreating that I would love one of these. Maybe not a fish--I'm no pescatarian and really have limited myself to tilapia these days--but perhaps a circle or something. The craftsmanship is remarkable, her shipping was super fast, and I am just so pleased with the purchase.

Mahna hasn't seen this yet, but she has her floaties on and is swimming in Irene's furry up in Maine with my Nana and GP-J, so I imagine the box will hit her step prior to her reading.

I miss you mom.

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  1. I miss you all, too. Somehow the missing becomes keener each year. I will look for the thoughtful and absolutely beautiful necklace soon!