Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Do any of you moms find yourself "softening" as the months go by with your toddlers? And I don't mean in the corporeal sense--but in the "I'll give in this one time and let you watch cartoons while I am getting ready for work. Okay, so I know I let you watch cartoons yesterday, but only going to let you do this one more time." No wonder my kids have a problem with the concept of "one more time."

As I've alluded to, this summer I have not been on my Mommy "A" game. I've had a few of those out of (or is it outer? I never know...) body experiences, looking at myself as a Mom and thinking, "Guuurl! You are totally that Mom you used to judge. Get it together; stick to your guns; enforce house rules--you have southern gentleman to raise!" Really, I just want them to have manners, get good grades, contribute something to society for the better, and not get picked on. If they could say "y'all" and use "sir" and "ma'am", that might be kinda cute, too. I'm a Yankee--I have a hard time implementing southern charm.

I don't want to say I'm getting lazy, although I really need to figure out how to move my legs faster than a 4.0 speed for more than 10 minutes, but I am constantly dealing with "conflicting priorities" as they call them at my work, and look for easy solutions to problems.

Somehow, my kids really spend more time naked or in underwear than in matching clothing (less laundry, right?).

Somehow, we've had pizza about once a week for the entire summer. And it has NOT been homemade.

Somehow, my kids say "excuse me table" with half of their dinner still needing maceration, but they are allowed to get down and play so that the adults have a fighting chance of eating without chaos.

Somehow, Felix is getting the majority of his daily intake from food scraps on the floor (so I just attempt to drop a whole selection from the food pyramid.) I mean--what happened to the woman who wouldn't even let Miles hold plastic for fear it would leach into his skin and cause an endocrine tidal wave?

Somehow, a "fairy" put some Trader Joe's organic lollipops in my purse! Blasphemy! Organic makes it better, right? (But wouldn't you know it, I am ready and willing to pull those out as bribery when in I have two boys melting at my feet. Luckily, I've only pulled them out once.)

Somehow, bedtime routines have gone from 3 books, 3 songs, throw 'em into bed for the night, into a looooooooong drawn out process of me making up stories about Clancy, the purple engine. (And talk about out of body experiences--I usually tell my "Tall Train Tales" while lying next to Miles. One night I was in that state where you are not sure if you are awake or asleep, and kept thinking...who is that talking??? I realized, it was me--telling some asinine story about penguins using cookie sheets as sleds, borrowed from Mrs Jones's bakery, to get to Clancy before the 10am train departure in from left Antarctica to go to right Antarctica--not even east/west, but "right/left." And wouldn't you know it--Miles asks for that story every night--even to Mahna and Eric, who unfortunately don't know the ins and outs of my delusional brain.). Don't get me started on Felix...wait, I actually started that previously on my logistic regression post. But it's gotten more involved, and trying to hold a stuffed animal the size of my toddler, another dog stuffed animal AND a Tilty cup of water while singing a French lullaby is getting O-L-D.

Somehow, the potty lands itself in all sorts of landscapes, EXCEPT the actual bathroom.

Somehow we found ourselves rewarding potty parties with cut up Swedish fish and mini M&Ms and are only now going through the 12-step recovery process after withdrawal/desensitization and are moving back to stickers.

Somehow, I envision myself turning the keys over to my boys, and adopting a free range kid home.

Somehow, it seems during the summer, rules take on more flexibility, and my children exploit that at every possible turn.

But somehow...things will tighten back up once school starts.

In the midst of feeling a little guilty that I am getting "lax" with rules, I decided to use it as an opportunity to do something I would never have done a few weeks prior--and with Eric gone for the weekend attending a wedding (that I couldn't go to due to work), I had even more extrinsic encouragement:


If I am going to go down, I might as well do it with guns blazin', chocolate milk, popcorn, and RedBox.

It was like a sleepover--but without other friends--and massages (tell me you used to do that, too--please?)--and sleeping bags.

Mahna and I told the boys that we would take a bath early, get all cleaned up, and then make something called chocolate milk, eat popcorn, and watch a DVD. Earlier in the day, we used a coupon code for RedBox and got a free rental for a 1 hour Dr Seuss DVD.

After baths we sat at the table, I dug out chocolate syrup that was purchased circa 2008 I'm sure...and explained how to transform their milk into a dessert:

Here Miles is with Mahna...cup #2. I told you, I'm losing all control...

Movie time!! Make sure to keep the chocolate goatee, of course.

POPCORN! (Thank you Trader Joe's--organic olive oil popcorn is the BEST!)

I didn't know Dr Suess could be that engaging...

And in the end, they both ended up on the floor, dancing, and body slamming "Big Bear."

It was a success! And isn't childhood about having fun? Doing new things? And getting spoiled when your grandparents living with you for the summer????

I cannot say that once I become more Military Mom once school starts that we won't do things like movie night from time to time given the fun and success this time...but next time, I'm demanding a massage.

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  1. Isn't it great that something as simple as chocolate milk, Trader Joe's popcorn and a Cat in the Hat video is such a treat for them?!